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Jacob imprints on Edward. Set around the time New Moon would be taking place, although this doesn't really even follow that timeframe, really. Although, Edward does leave Bella, as in New Moon. Jacob and Bella become friends. But Jake has no romantic inclinations towards her. Bella has slowly-but surely-moved on. She'll have someone farther down the story. I'm not sure who yet. This story is simply about Jacob and Edward's relationship.

I know, my summary was pretty bad. Sorry. This is rated M. This story is not Eclipse or Breaking Dawn compliant. A little bit for New Moon, but not so much. Also, I haven't written in a while, so if my chapters seem short and to the point, that's not only my writing style, but a deficit from lact of practice. Hopefully, it won't be much of a problem. I cannot say for sure what days I will update, and I ask for patience. Otherwise, enjoy(: Disclaimer: I do not-nor will I ever-own Twilight, or it's characters. All rights to Stephanie Meyer.

4. Something Unexpected.

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As Jacob ran to La Push, he tried to think of reasons why Edward was headed that way as well. Edward knew there was rule-no, it was more than a rule, this agreement that was made, ages ago-that no vampire was supposed to tread on reservation territory. Apparently, Edward didn't get the memo. Or he did, and he was ignoring it.

But who would ignore something that they knew could very well cost them their life? Jacob couldn't comprehend it. At least, not at the current moment. He only had ideas of what the reason behind Edward's sudden insanity may or may not be.

Jacob tried to think about it objecively, without letting his prejudices about Edward (and what he was) taint his view. If he heard that somebody who was usually very rational, very calm and collected, decided to charge into a hungry pack of wolves head on (which was a dead on analogy, come to think of it), he would think that something had to have happened to that person to make them commit this illogical act of pure lunacy. It was suicide.

Who would risk their life like that?

And then it dawned on Jacob: somebody with nothing to lose.


When he arrived at the border of La Push, Jacob immediately caught a waft of Edward's scent. He tracked the scent two miles west, until he saw Edward.

Edward was sitting on a log, knees pulled up to his chest, elbows resting on his knees for support, his head in his hands. He looked vulnerable. Jacob trotted closer to Edward, not bothering to change into human form because a.) Edward could read minds and b.) if Jacob shifted back, he'd be naked. And sure, he had his shorts around his ankle, but he'd rather not have to go through the hassle, considering it would be an unnecessary formality that Edward had yet to earn.

Jacob sat in front of Edward and glanced up at him. Edward was now looking at him, not in the eyes, but at his forehead, his paws, his tail. In short, anything that wasn't Jacob's eyes. Jacob didn't mind; he'd rather not have the contact anyway. It was too intimate.

After ten minutes of silence, Jacob began to get a little impatient. Edward could her every thought he was thinking right down to the Whoah, is that my stomach? I must be hungry.. Yet, Edward wouldn't open his mouth to even give him the customary, "Hello."

He looked up at Edward and noticed a smile tugging at his lips. He apparently thought his current situation was funny. Asshole, Jacob thought. Enough is enough. I need to get my answers.

Projecting his meandering thoughts directly towards Edward so they could have a conversation, he began, What happened to Bella?

Edward quirked an eyebrow. "Nothing 'happened' to Bella, at least nothing that I did with the intention of doing such a thing."

Confused, Jacob's eyebrows furrowed. Stop speaking in riddles. Is she okay?

"Depends. Right now, well, I suppose she wouldn't be okay, now would she?" Edward murmured to himself. Speaking more directly to Jacob, he said, "Bella will be fine. Her pride is hurt, as well as her heart, but such bruising will heal in time."

Look, leech! Jacob seethed. What have you done to Bella? Where is she?

Edward frowned. "At home..?" At Jacob's growl, he trailed off. He tried a different method. "Didn't she go home?"

Jacob could see that Edward seemed genuinely confused, but he couldn't be sure-Edward was a leech, after all! No, she hasn't. No one has seen her in five hours. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Edward's frown increased in its depth. "No, I didn't.."

What happened in the forest, parasite? Why hasn't Bella come out yet?

"I told Bella we were breaking up.. She took it worse than I thought she would. When I was leaving, she said she would come out soon, that she needed time to colllect herself, which I could understand. So, I left, got some things from Bella's room, and went home. If Bella hasn't come out yet.. well, there could be numerous things detaining her. She could have stopped to rest, and then fell asleep. Or she could've gotten lost. Or maybe she's just walking.." Edward stopped talking as he could see it was only agitating the russet wolf further.

Jacob was confused. Again. He could tell Edward was telling the truth. Yet, he felt Edward was holding something back.. Moving on, Jacob asked the question that had been bothering him since he had called Alice:

Why are you here? Jacob asked. Edward looked away. Jacob was having none of that. Bracing himself on his hind legs, he pushed himself off the ground onto Edward. Edward fell onto his back with a huff. Jacob put both paws on Edward's shoulders to make sure his captive didn't attempt to look away, or deny him his answer. Why are you here? he growled menacingly.

Edward closed his eyes. Jacob sighed. He really didn't want to have to do this. Pressing his paws harder against Edward's shoulder, he asked, on last time, Why. The. Fuck. Are. You. Here?

"I-" Edward began, looking up and into Jacob's eyes for the first time. The shock of what happened next was too much for either of them to take, and, without any warning, Jacob passed out, while Edward stiffened, tense, and frozen to the spot.