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Jacob imprints on Edward. Set around the time New Moon would be taking place, although this doesn't really even follow that timeframe, really. Although, Edward does leave Bella, as in New Moon. Jacob and Bella become friends. But Jake has no romantic inclinations towards her. Bella has slowly-but surely-moved on. She'll have someone farther down the story. I'm not sure who yet. This story is simply about Jacob and Edward's relationship.

I know, my summary was pretty bad. Sorry. This is rated M. This story is not Eclipse or Breaking Dawn compliant. A little bit for New Moon, but not so much. Also, I haven't written in a while, so if my chapters seem short and to the point, that's not only my writing style, but a deficit from lact of practice. Hopefully, it won't be much of a problem. I cannot say for sure what days I will update, and I ask for patience. Otherwise, enjoy(: Disclaimer: I do not-nor will I ever-own Twilight, or it's characters. All rights to Stephanie Meyer.

6. Ciumes

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Edward POV:

Jacob's decided to go into camp in his wolf form, with Edward flanking him. He figures that everyone's going to try to attack Edward anyway and they might as well show them that they mean business.

His other reasons for doing so, the ones he thinks he's hiding so well, are the major reasons he's doing this. Now that Edward was Jacob's mate, Jacob felt responsible for Edward's well being. Submissive or not, Jacob was most certainly not going down without a fight to try and protect his dominant. Being in wolf form, neglecting to even talk to his pack without forcing them to change to, would show them that Jacob was serious. Edward had no trouble agreeing with this, especially given that, should he have a problem with it, Jacob would mostly likely do what he wanted anyway. Submissive or not, Jacob Black was not going to take any shit from anyone, including his mate and dominant, Edward Cullen.

Officially crossing the territory boundary onto La Push, Jacob turns to look at me, still trotting along. Don't worry about anybody coming to get us now. I was supposed to do rounds next. Everyone will be home right now, waiting for me.

"Ah, yes," Edward says aloud. "Your meeting with Sam. God, they think I'm 'sinisterly involved' in Bella's disappearence?" He scoffs. Ridiculous.

Yes, well, it didn't look very well, did it, Edward?

Edward winced. Jacob had a point. Then, a ringtone blared:

Change your mind, tonight. You belong to the city now. And your closer now, I know. You belong on the radio! .. I swear, I'll give it ba-

"Hello?" Jacob asked, breathless. He had just changed back to answer his phone, and had searched all the pockets before finding it. "Ally? Hey!"

Edward thought Jacob seemed to pleased to be hearing from this 'Ally'. Unbidden, jealousy for this unknown person rose up in Edward. Jacob didn't seem to notice.

"Where was she? .. Wow, really? That's crazy. Yeah, I understand you're angry. Im pretty angry myself." A glare was sent Edward's way. Edward visibly flinched from its intensity. "No, don't worry too much.. I've got that handled. Yeah, tell Bells I love her, too. Yeah," he laughs. Edward cringes. "Of course, I'll come to see her later. Tell her I have to talk to her about something. Yeah, it's pretty serious.. Tell her to not worry her pretty little head off; I've got it covered.. Hey, Ally, do you think you could come down to La Push? It's pretty important. Is Seth there? .. Tell him to hang back with Bella, so you can come... I want you to be there. Come on, Ally!" He grinned, knowing his manipulation worked. "Okay. Yeah. I'll see you, then. Bye."

"Leah's coming, too. Do you mind?" he asked Edward.

Leah? ".. No, I don't mind.." He must have seen the confusion on Edward's face.

"Ally.. Leah. Same person." Edward's eyes narrowed. "Hey, are you OK? You look.. well, angry."

Edward rollled his eyes, visibly calming himself. "No, I'm fine. Why dont we keep going?"

"We're waiting for Al-"

"Yeah, Ally! Leah! Whatever! I don't know her! Who is she?"

Jacob looked shocked by Edward's outburst. Edward was too angry to be properly embarassed. Then, Jacob grinned. "You're jealous!" he laughed.

"Am not," Edward mumbled in a way he knew to be childish. He didn't care.

Jacob came close to Edward, looking him in the eyes, his hands cupping Edward's face. "Dominant, I'm sorry. Leah is a friend-almost a sister."

Edward's eyes shown with understanding. Happy Jacob wan't cheating-was it cheating?-he grabbed Jacob by the cheeks and pulled him into a kiss, teeth clashing, tonues dueling. Jacob melted into the kiss, his body becoming pliant and molding itself against Edward's. A low moan escaped Jacob's mouth and Edward swallowed it. Giving one last peck to Jacob's kiss bruised lips, Edward extricated himself, saying, "Okay let's wait for Leah," as he promptly sat himself on a tree trunk, Jacob following numbly.