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Forever Twilight

What if Edward had bitten and Changed Bella, the first day he met her? What would she become? How would she react?


1. Changing

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Edwards P.O.V.

Her blood, thats all I could think of. Since the moment her scent hit me. I could imagine it, ripping her throat out. Enjoying her pain. The monster inside me wanted it, no he needed it. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was at Cheif Charlie Swan's house. The house he shared with his first and only child Isabella Swan. In an hour, Bella Swan would come home. I would make sure I was there, in her bedroom. Waiting for her to turn her back then I would make my attack. The girl would be dead in a matter of minutes. I would dispose of the evidence. Carlisle would be extremely dissapointed. Esme would be also. Emmett would just tell me that it happens. Rosalie would be pissed. Alice and Jasper would say what was necessary to make me feel better.

Before I knew it, Bella Swan was climbing up the steps to her small, messy bedroom. This would be the last time she would see this room. This room would be her pyre. The door opened, her scent hit me like a wrecking ball. Before I could do anything, I noticed she really was pretty. Her hair had a bit of red in it. Her eyes chocolate brown. Usually Brown eyes looked hard and normal. But hers had a certain deepness to them. Of course she was the one exception to my gift of mind reading. Thats when I heard my sister, Alice's, internal voice,

No! Edward dont! She shouted, but it was to late. My teeth had already dug into the girls neck. With a gasp Jasper was pinning me to the ground. Rosalie had Bella's body in her arms. She was already running towards our home, where Carlisle would stay with her as she transitioned. Alice and Emmet got rid of all traces that I was even here. Alice made a note, in messy handwriting. I recongized it was bella's.

' Charlie,

I am sorry to have to do this to you. I cant stand Forks though. Please, dont do anything rash.

I'm sorry, I love you


Alice gathered some of Bella's things. Emmett tried to calm me down.

Edward, listen we all make mistakes. I know how you feel. It's happed to me twice remember. Though none of them were turned into vampires. Emmett laughed.

" Edward, we need to go. Charlie is going to be home in three minutes and fourty three seconds. He's going to call Bella when he finds the note and when she doesnt pick up, he's going to send his deputees to look for her. Let's go." Alice tugged on my arm. We jumped out the window in Bella's bedroom.

I heard Bella's screams of pain before the house was in sight. They sounded agonizing. The pain of the change was something you never forgot. It was the worst pain imaginable. It is almost impossible to describe. All vampires had experienced it. Though not many vampires had the restraint to actually not kill the human in the biting process. The blood would be to hard to resist. Even for a vampire who only survived on animal blood.

The worst part was knowing I had done this. Carlisle or anyone else in my family wasnt to blame. I would have to teach Bella, make sure she didnt kill anyone. I risked everything carlisle had built for us here. This was my punishment. Surely the girl would hate me after she woke up. I had been the one to take away her family, friends and her life. It would probably be my biggest regret in life. Here I sat, hating this girl who smelled, overly delicious. When she was probably hating me just as much in return for putting her through this tremendous pain.

Two days had past. Bella's screams sounded worse after every one. Carlisle came into my bedroom to talk to me about the future.

" Edward, if you want I will train her. Alice said she will wake up to her new life in ten minutes. I suggest you be there. She will want an explaination. The only thing I will not do for you is tell her what she is and that she has to stay away from the humans she cares about. You are my son, biological or not, I still love you."