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Forever Twilight

What if Edward had bitten and Changed Bella, the first day he met her? What would she become? How would she react?


2. Could It be? No, Impossible.

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Edwards P.O.V.

Six months had passed since bella was turned. I was suprised at how well she was doing. I was always happy around her. We were actually friends. Even though I had cursed her to eternal damnation. She adjusted to animal blood as fast as she could. She almost liked the taste now. Her eyes had already turned gold, like the rest of ours from the only animal blood diet.

Bella knew about Alice, Jasper and I's gifts. I could read minds, Jasper could feel and manipulate the emotions of another, and Alice could see subjective visions of the future. She accepted our family, and they accepted her. So she was my new sister, Bella Cullen. We left Forks, Washington and moved to Alaska. We all were enrolled in school for next fall, which was a month away. Thoug hwe were nervous about Bella being around humans, she assured us she could handle it. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper would be sophmores, and Bella, Alice and I would be freshman.

" Alice, why do we have to go shopping? We have a month until school starts. Can't we go hunting or running?", Bella complained.

" Bella! Please, I thought I was your sister.", ALice pouted.

" You are, but-", Bella was cut off.

" We are going shopping. Rosalie, Esme and Edward, are coming too.", Alice finalized.

" Fine, but I am going to get revenge.", everybody in the house laughed at Bella's comment.

I couldn't take my eyes off Bella. I had never felt this way before. Everytime I saw her, my silent heart felt like it would beat.

Hey, Edward! Why do you keep staring at bella? Emmetts internal voice yelled at me.

" I am not staring Emmett.", Everybody looked at me curiously and I just shook my head.

" Hey Bella, how about a little bet?", Emmett grinned at me.

" Depends on what the bet would be." She laughed. The sound was so beautiful.

" I bet you that Edward will stare at you at least three more times today.", he wagged his eyebrows at me.

" Um, What are you talking about Em?", she looked embarrassed.

" Oh come on! You know he's been staring at you the whole time you've been in the car! Just like you've been looking at him through the mirror the whole time." Emmett laughed. Both Bella aand I growled at the same time.