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Forever Twilight

What if Edward had bitten and Changed Bella, the first day he met her? What would she become? How would she react?


3. In love

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Alice's P.O.V.

" EM! I trusted you not to make a big deal out of what I saw!", I looked at my big brother in disbelief. His booming laugh filled the whole car.

" Alice! Come on, you want them to realize it just as much as I do! Edward, Bella, think about it. You two are always staring at each other! Jeez, why dont you just make it official and get a room!", Emmett laughed again.

" Emmett! What is wrong with you!", I hissed.

" Wait, what are you guys talking about?" Bella and I asked at the same time, I could only smile at her.

" That right there is what I'm talking about! Cant you tell you two are in love? What else do you two have to do to prove it to yourselves? Everybody can tell you are, but it seems as if I am the only one brave enough to say it out loud!", Emmett complained.

Edward's P.O.V.

Little did Emmett know, Bella and I had already talked about this. Yes, we knew we were in love. No, we werent ready for people to know yet. Might as well get it out in the open.

" It took you this long to figure that out?", Bella beat me to it.

" What?", Emmett and Alice said together.

I wanted to shock them even more so I smiled at Bella then leaned in and gave her a kiss. Then laughed when their mouths dropped.

" Of course I love Bella, she is my whole world. The most important thing to me.", my eyes met hers and she smiled.

" Wow, didnt see that one coming." Emmett took a deep breath.

After our shopping trip, Alice ran right to Esme and told her about Bella and I. Of course Esme hugged and kissed us both saying how happy she was we fianally found the second part to our whole beings. Carlisle was just as happy, even though he had to leave quickly due to an emergency at the hospital he was working at.