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Forever Twilight

What if Edward had bitten and Changed Bella, the first day he met her? What would she become? How would she react?


4. 90 years later

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Edward's P.O.V.

" Mr. Cullen, Miss Cullen, do I need to seperate you two?", Our tenth grade biology teacher Mr. Dalton asked. I dont see why Dr. Cullen and his wife approve of their children dating eachother. Even if they arent biologically related. His internal voice complained. I almost laughed. Bella and I weren't dating, we had been married for eight five years. Longer than he'd been alive.

" No sir, sorry for the interuption,", Bella replied innocently.

" I expect it not to happen again.", he turned and walked back to the front of the classroom.

After school was over for the day Bella and the rest of my family went home. When we got back I could tell something was wrong with Bella.

" What's wrong, love?", I held her hand.

" Exactly thirty years ago today Charlie, died. Rene had passed four years after him. It just reminds me that, i never got to say goodbye. I heard I have a half sister, and two half brothers. Plus I have eight neices and nephews and one great neice. I just found out they named her Bella. They live in Charlie's old house.", She held back a sob.

" I love you Bella. I am sorry, I wish you could have seen your father and mother at least one more time before their passing.", I aplogized.

She smiled and kissed me, " I still have you, and I'll have you for the rest of eternity. That's the most I could Ever ask for. Your the reason being what I am, doesnt make me hate myself. You have nothing to apologize for. You have given more that what I ever could have asked for. I love you Edward Cullen, forever and always." She kissed me again and again made me realize I was the happiest man on earth.

the end