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Peace, love and treaties

Carlisle's P.O.V. This is from when the Cullens first came to forks and made the treaty with the quilutes.

I hope you enjoy my story. Sorry its so short.

1. Treaty

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Carlisle's P.O.V.

" Edward, can you hear any of their thoughts yet?", I asked my adopted son. He concentrated.

" They will be here in about three minutes. Theres only three wolves so if it comes to a fight, we may be able to win.", Edward had the gift of reading minds. He looked over to my other son Emmett and grinned.

" No fights, we are here to make peace, and assure we will not harm any human or wolf. I like the area, and there's plentiful wildlife to sustain us.", I never liked violence. Having spent many years with the volturi, I had seen alot of it. I had seen innocent humans slaughtered and vampires torn to shreds and burned,

" Oh, come on Carlisle! What if they come at us first?", Emmett laughed.

" Emmett, you heard what your father said. Now stop, I dont want you to look like immature children when the meeting starts.", Esme my wife ordered.

" Yes, mom.", our three Adopted children said together. Emmett surely was the oldest in human years, but in vampire years Edward was the oldest. Rosalie, was the middle child. I had found her nearly dead and bleading on the street. I couldnt let a life be taken from her the way it was so i changed her. I had known Esme from when she was a child, she jumped from a cliff and I realized I couldnt let her die so I changed her. In 1918 I saw Edward dying of the spanish influenza, it had already claimed both his parents. His mother's last wish is, that I would change him. Rosalie had saved Emmett from a bear, she didnt think she had the restraint necessary to change him and asked if I would do it.

" Carlisle, they're here.", Esme whispered. Two huge wolves and one man emerged from the woods.

" Hello, I am Carlisle Cullen. This is my family, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward. We do not want any harm to come between any of us tonight. We are only here to speak of making a peaceful treaty.", I extended my hand toward the man.

" I am Ephraim Black. Cheif of the Quilute tribe. This is Quil, and Levi. What do you mean treaty? You are cold ones, the reason us wolves exist is to kill you.", Ephraim ignored my hand.

" We are different from others of our kind. We do not hunt humans. We live inconspiciously with humans, among them. We even have human friends. We would like to make a treaty that we stick to our land, you stick to yours. We will not bite or kill any humans. If we deviate from this agreement, you may kill us. In return we would like you not to tell anyone what we are. We want to live like normal humans.Do we have a agreement?" I held my hand out farther.

" We do, stick to your land, we will stick to ours. We will not tell the pale-faces what you are. You have my word. Unless, you bite, change or kill a human. Then our truce is over and you will be killed.", Empraim shook my hand and disapeered into the forest with his pack.

Our family lived in forks for the next five years. We would return though as soon as nobody remembered us, and continue our lives there.