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Crazy Minds & Silly Stupid Love

Heart-warming, yet comical love story between two Forks High School students; Edward & Bella. She doesn't want to let him in, and he just can't keep his inexplicable feelings for her at bay, but an unexpected truth threatens to tear them apart. AH, AU. (Has adult rating because of strong language and sensuality in later chapters.) Preview: "Yes, because I can't see myself being with anyone else, but then with you," He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. "It's like a movie in my head, and I want it. I want it more than anything else, and I want it with you."


1. New Beginnings

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My guitar sat in my lap as I fumbled around with random chords, trying to find a melody. No such luck, without inspiration I find it ridiculously hard to try and come up with a melody or lyrics to a song. I sighed, slumping my shoulders as I looked at the sky, the sun was bright and its long rays hitting my face as the trees swayed along with the light wind. Having the sun out in Forks Washington was not an everyday thing. Forks rarely ever gets any sun. Sometimes not being able to see the sun as often you would in Arizona was depressing, as for me it was very depressing. I'm so used to seeing the sun everyday. I woke up to the sun in Arizona everyday for eleven years. So, here I am; back In rainy Forks Washington.

Renee was in Florida with Phil, baseball season started. Phil wanted to go out to Florida to practice with the team. They decided to move to Florida after being there for two weeks. They wanted me to move with them, but I decided I should go live Charlie for a while.

It was Sunday, the last day of a peaceful weekend, and the beginning of a long week of high school as the new girl in town. I wanted a cage to lock myself in, and throwing the key in an ocean. I didn't talk to other students at school, I've made a lot of friends though the years, but I was always kind of an outcast.

I used to walk around the neighborhood to get some time to myself. I would think about a lot of things like Renee and Charlie, my life, and the future. I wondered how some people always seemed to be so happy. Obviously, there are some people who pretend to be happy and hide under a mask. I can't help but think sometimes that maybe I've lost hope in being happy, but somehow, I know all of that hope is not gone yet.

Renee used to take me to therapy sessions when I lived in Arizona. I never knew why, I always just assumed it was because I was crazy, or because I was a bit of a lunatic, but I decided to tell Charlie about the therapy sessions because I still want to continue them.

"Charlie, I need to tell you something." I spoke slowly. Charlie narrowed his eyes at me.

"Are you okay?" He asked, a little worried.

'No, no, I'm fine. Well, not really." My eyebrows knit together in contemplation.

"What's goin' on, Bells? Talk to me." Charlie gestured to the kitchen table. I could see the worry on Charlie's face already. Is Bella pregnant? Does Bella have a disease? What if Bella is a transsexual? Okaaay, time for Bella to shut up now.

"Umm. . . ," I mumbled incoherently; I couldn't think of any way how to tell Charlie I was a mental case.

"Bella, the suspense is painful." Charlie warned. I should have gone over what I was going to say before I came down here.

"Charlie, I mean. . .Dad" I stuttered. It's obvious there is definitely something wrong with you, Bella. You stutter like a clucking bell. Well, that's a shocker, mentally insane brains are a sure cause for celebration. Don't forget the bells. Then, you could ring them when Bella talks, since no one has any idea what the hell she's saying anyway. I hit my forehead with my palm; I was pathetic.

"Bells?" Charlie asked, even more worried. Good job, Bella! Now you get to be the reason why Charlie has a heart attack. Do I ever shut the hell up? Of course not, I'm a deluded teenager with a mind that has a mind of it's own. Funny how that sounds; a mind with a mind of its own.

"I want to take some therapy sessions. Renee had me going to sessions in Arizona." I said quietly. It wasn't supposed to come out sounding as bad as it did. Charlie's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he began to cough like I just confessed to murder. .

I really hate my brain. Maybe when I die it will be placed in a museum where it belonged. After five or six minutes Charlie's pale face returned to it's original color.

"Why do you think you need a therapist, Bella?" Charlie asked skeptically.. I pursed my lips and let out a long breath before I decided to just go ahead and say what I wanted to say.

"For someone to talk to." I said simply, biting my lip. Charlie stared at me with a blank expression. Give him a minute, Bella. Before he has a heart attack. . .

"I know of someone who may be able to help, if that's what you want." Charlie told me.

"Yeah, that's what I want." I replied.

After the long conversation, Charlie called this doctor, who also did some work in therapy. I was already scheduled for a session tomorrow after school. Charlie continued to ask if I wanted to talk about anything and kept asking if I was okay. He worried almost as much as Renee did. When it reached ten thirty, I snuggled into the warm sheets of my bed.

I woke up to the sound of a blaring alarm clock next to my bed. I hit the alarm clock with my fist, hoping I broke it.. I scrambled around my room as I hurried to gete ready to go to school. I really hate high school, by the way. I thought as I headed out the front door just as Charlie pulled up in an old red beat up truck.

"What the hell?" I muttered, mostly to myself. Charlie raised his eyebrows at me. Shit, he heard me. Well, get used to it Charlie; your daughter's a lunatic remember?

"This is your home coming present," Charlie smiled at me, waiting for my response. I couldn't believe he was actually serious. I basically just told him I was a nut job and I get a truck. I should tell people that more often if I was going to be rewarded.

"Bella, this isn't charity because you're going to a therapist," I stared at Charlie wide eyed; my own father just insulted me. I suddenly felt proud of Charlie. A frown crossed his expression. He must have realized it at the same time I did; he insulted his own daughter. I knew I would be on the ground in hysterics right now, but I don't think Charlie would take that very well.

"No pun intended." He mumbled, staring intently at the ground as he walked past me and into the house. Now here comes the embarrassment on his part. I smirked to myself as I hopped in the truck.

"Your name is going to be Henry. If Henry has a problem with that, please, tell a truck who cares." I said, patting the steering wheel.