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Crazy Minds & Silly Stupid Love

Heart-warming, yet comical love story between two Forks High School students; Edward & Bella. She doesn't want to let him in, and he just can't keep his inexplicable feelings for her at bay, but an unexpected truth threatens to tear them apart. AH, AU. (Has adult rating because of strong language and sensuality in later chapters.) Preview: "Yes, because I can't see myself being with anyone else, but then with you," He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. "It's like a movie in my head, and I want it. I want it more than anything else, and I want it with you."


2. First day

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I slowly pulled into Forks High School parking lot with a grimace on my face. I found a parking spot and quickly pulled in and shut off the ignition. I had ten minutes before first period started. Of course, I considered the option of ditching, but this was my first day, and a part of me was telling me to just go to class.

Bella be a good girl and go to class.

Who said that would encourage me to go to class? That was encouraging me to leave right now and go park somewhere and sleep until school ended. The thought was so tempting I almost pulled out the parking lot right then and there.

I slouched my shoulders as I stood with my schedule and looked for my first class.

First period - (AP) Modern English/ Rm: C102

Second period - (AP) World History/ Rm: 223

Third period - Music theory & Composition/ Rm: F108

Fourth period - (AP) Algebra 2/ Rm: 101

Fifth period - Lunch/ Cafe

Sixth period - (AP) Biology/ Rm: Lab

Seventh period - gym

My English class turned out to be a total bust since almost the whole class slept through the entire period. World history was simple enough. Some girl named Jessica Stanely felt the need to talk to me as much as possible throughout the entire period. I eventually told her to shut up; she did. Jessica Stanely could talk. She could go on forever about one thing and it could be anything; clothes, a magazine. She could put me to sleep as much as the English teacher could.

Lunch eventually came around. I was alone, although, I expected as much. I was deciding whether I should eat in a stall or go to my truck. As long as I didn't have to speak or socialize I was fine. I started to head toward the front of the building nobody paid attention to me as I walked quickly down the hall, which I was thankful for. I slammed my truck door shut and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to come.

There was a tapping coming from somewhere. I couldn't figure out where the hell it was coming from. It kept getting louder and louder. Then something pounded really hard on what sounded like glass. I jumped, startled still in my truck. I looked quickly around me. A boy was standing outside my truck. I slowly rolled down my window, cautiously.

"What do you want? And who the hell are you?" I spat at him.

"Sorry . . . umm I was just walking and I saw you past out in your truck...I thought you were unconscious or something. Oh, and I'm Mike Newton." I really had a thing against jocks. He had a Forks High School jacket on and I knew.

"I was just sleeping." I began to roll up my window, but he tapped on the glass again. Okay this guy was pissing me off.

"What?" I hissed annoyed as I was. He stared at me for a moment, frustrated for some unknown reason.

"Sixth period is about . . . to start." He stuttered. I snorted whipping the truck door open. Mike jumped back to keep from getting hit by the door. He stared at me expectantly. I glared at him.

"Sorry." I mumbled, turning away and heading back inside toward Biology. Mr Banner noticed me coming and tried to smile at me reassuringly, but he didn't seem to realize the fact that he failed miserably or maybe he was just hiding it.

"Isabella Swan?" He assumed almost correctly.

"Bella." I said quickly.

“There's an open table in the back and your lab partner will be. . ." He glanced around the class behind me as his eyes narrowed.

"Your lab partner is going to be Edward Cullen," His eyebrows knit together for a moment before he suddenly realized something.

"Oh, your lab partner is not here today." He said grimacing slightly. I realized that a while ago buddy.

I rolled my eyes, and sat in my assigned seat quietly. Turns out this class was going to be a bust too, and why the hell would this guy think I knew Edwin?

People are so weird, I thought as I glanced the classroom. Some blonde skank looking girl was staring at me.

"Hi, I'm Lauren Mallory." She said introducing herself. This girl was a lune if she thought I wanted to be friends with her, let alone hold a conversation with her. I focused my attention on the black table in front of me.

"Mr. Banner thought you knew Edward Cullen because well, he’s like . . . dead gorgeous." I stared at her with a stunned look on my face. Truthfully, I didn't give a rat’s ass who was 'dead' gorgeous period. A stupid idea popped in my head and I didn't give myself a chance to think about it before I spit it out.

"By dead gorgeous do you mean like vampire dead gorgeous?" I asked mocking her annoying voice. She glared at me then as she flipped her straw like blonde hair and turned to face Mr. Banner. I glared at her as I flipped her the bird and started doodling in my notebook.

"Oh Bella, Edward doesn't date so . . . don’t waste your time." Lauren smiled at me wickedly as the bell rang for seventh period.

Bitch much? I thought, watching her walk out of class.

No wonder why she looks like a dog. Hell, she smelled like one too. I started coughing loudly trying to hide my laugh as Lauren lost her balance in her own heels almost falling flat on her ass.

"Watch where you walk." I laughed as I walked past her.

"You're so cute Bella." She replied icily, glancing back at me.

I ditched gym and went straight to therapy and waited in the front office of the psychiatrists’ office building.

"Isabella Swan?" A man called. My eyes flashed to the man. He had blue eyes and dirty blond hair. He looked like he was my age. I stared at him wide eyed for a moment before getting up to follow him towards the back of the office.

"Dr. Cullen will be with you in a moment." He smiled at me shortly before closing the door. I waited, staring at the white walls around me. The door opened slowly and my jaw hung open. He was good looking that was for sure. He had blond tresses, and pale white skin with golden brown eyes.

"Bella, right?" He asked.

"Uh . . . yeah." I muttered. How could someone be that good looking? Cullen why did that sound so familiar? Cullen . . . Edward Cullen. My jaw slacked again.

"Are you related to Edward Cullen?" I asked before I even realized I had said that out loud. Dr. Cullen chuckled, his laugh sounded contagious.

"Edward's my adopted son." He said, filling out a sheet of paper. He was adopted?

"Have you met Edward, Bella?" Dr. Cullen wondered, glancing up at me for a second.

"Oh, no." I chuckled to myself.

"By the way, you can call me Carlisle." He said. I nodded.

"Well, Bella, you'll get to meet Edward tomorrow." He smirked at me. Did he think I look forward to meeting a guy who was dead gorgeous? I have no interest in dead men, thank you for complimenting my taste in men. I shrugged.

"I'm going to start off asking you some questions. As I go on they are going to get more personal, if you do not want to answer a question let me know ok?" Carlisle asked serious now. I nodded. Bring on the damn questions. I can handle it...I hope.

"Where did you grow up Bella?"

"Arizona, with my mother." I said simply.

"Did you like Arizona?"

"Sort of, I liked living with Renee and Phil."

"Have you ever had any type of relationship?" I stared at him for a long moment.

"No." Carlisle nodded smiling slightly.

"Do you get along with Renee and Charlie, Bella?" Carlisle asked, after jotting something down.

"For the most part, like any teenager, I argue with my parents here and there." I shrugged as Carlisle quietly chuckled.

"Are you afraid of the future, Bella?" He questioned after a moment. Yes, you know you are Bella.

"Yes." I was beginning to feel uncomfortable and I didn't like it, I wanted out.

"Do you want to continue? We could stop here, if you like." Carlisle offered sincerely.

"No, I'm fine." I tried to smile.

"Are you afraid of dying?"

"Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder." I said looking away. Sometimes people stared at me like I was insane when I say that. I didn't want to see Carlisle's expression either.

"Bella, have you ever hear the saying 'Life isn't fair?" Carlisle wondered.

"Yes, I believe it." I admitted. Carlisle nodded.

"Sometimes life can be unfair. There are times where life seems unfair and pointless but, the point is don’t let that get to you. Things get easier. It takes time and patience. Life does get easier Bella; you have to trust me on that." Carlisle patted my knee. I couldn't trust him on that just yet.