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Shimmering Light

So, This is a story about all the cullens being Human. Carlisle and Esme adopted 5 little kids when they were all Babies. Emmett who is now 5 Rosalie who is 5 and Jasper who is 5. Then there is Alice who is 3 and Edward who is 3. But Carlisle and Esme just had their own baby. They named her Isabella Marie Cullen. How will their kids react to her. ( Bella is biologically related to Carlisle and Esme, while the others are not)

This is just a cute little fanfic!

1. New Baby

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( Carlisle's POV)

" Carlisle, we're supposed to take her home tomorrow and she hasnt a name yet.", Esme, my wife frowned. Esme sat in the hospital bed holding our new daughter. She was our miracle child, Esme wasnt able to have children. However, the day came when we fianally found we would have a child of our own. We had adopted five children who were all amazing. Though, we would constantly wish we could biologically have a son or a daughter.

" Alright, how about Isabella? It means beautiful, which she certainly is. Just like her mother.", I touched my daughter's cheek.

She had beutiful chocolate brown eyes, and just a little bit of hair.

" Isabella, I love that name! Isabella Marie Cullen. I can't wait for the children to meet her. When is the babysitter bringing them?", Esme smiled.

" They should be in the waiting room right now. I'll go see if I can find them.", I walked out of the room, into the guest area. I saw emmett immediately.

" Daddy!", Emmett ran over to me.

" There's my big boy. Where's your brothers and sisters?", I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

" With Sabrina, getting snacks! Do I have a little sister or a little brother daddy?", Emmett was the most excited about the baby. Rosalie was probably the least.

" You have a new baby sister, mommy wants you all to come meet her, so lets go find the others.", We found them five minutes later all eating candy.

" Thank you Sabrina, Let's go meet your new baby sister." , I put emmett down and led the kids down to Esme and Isabella's room.

" Momma!" Edward ran to the bed.

" Hi, sweetheart. Are you ready to meet the baby?", Esme touched edwards cheek.

" Mommy, can I play dressup with her? I'll make her really pretty I promise!", Alice asked hopping on a chair to get a better look.

" When she gets bigger maybe, well children. Here is your new baby sister, Isabella.", I took her and crouched down so the kids could see her.

" Daddy, she's really pretty.", alice held her hand.

" Yeah daddy, I can't wait til she get bigger so we can plays with hers.", Edward smiled. Emmett and Jasper had the same reactions.

" I don't like her, can't we just give her back?", Rosalie frowned.

" Rosalie! She is your new baby sister, no we cannot give her back. Why don't you like her?", I scolded.

" Because, Alice always spent time with mommy. And I was your baby girl, but now she's going to take my place. And you wont.. loves me anymore.", she started crying. I gave isabella back to esme and picked rosalie up.

" Rosie, I love you all equally, nothing will change that. I promise.", I hugged my daughter and almost cried.