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Shimmering Light

So, This is a story about all the cullens being Human. Carlisle and Esme adopted 5 little kids when they were all Babies. Emmett who is now 5 Rosalie who is 5 and Jasper who is 5. Then there is Alice who is 3 and Edward who is 3. But Carlisle and Esme just had their own baby. They named her Isabella Marie Cullen. How will their kids react to her. ( Bella is biologically related to Carlisle and Esme, while the others are not)

This is just a cute little fanfic!

2. Four months later

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( Carlisle's POV)

Rosalie had grown to like Bella. Edward took to her easily. We constantly had to remind Emmett and Jasper to be carefull with her. Alice of course was fine with her as long as we let her pick out her clothes. Bella rarely woke up at nights, which was great. Edward was so cute when he held her because he would always hum to her. We set up a jungle gym outside to keep the kids entertained. Rosalie of course had fallen off and was scared of it, so we got her a dollhouse.

" Carlisle, what time will you be home tonight? Emmett and Edward want to go to the movies.", Esme was feeding Bella.

" Around six, if I'm not home you can just take them. Bye, Bye Bella.", I gave Esme and Bella a kiss then left for work.

( Esme's POV)

The kids were very hyper today. Carlisle was late so I took them to the movies myself. By the time we got home all the children were asleep. Edward was holding bella's hand and smiling as he slept. It was a picture moment so of course I took it. Rosalie was aleep on emmetts shoulder and alice was asleep on jaspers. I loved all of my children so much, it pained me to know one day they would grow up and leave one day, with lives of their own.

(Carlisle's POV)

" I'm sorry I came home late. Last minute patient. Broke his elbow, knee, and cracked his head open. Not a pretty sight.", I kissed esme.

" The kids are growing up so fast. It makes me sad, I want them to stay my babies forever.", a tear slid from her eye.

" Oh, Esme. Don't cry please, you know that even when they are full grown and have children of their own, you will still be their mother. The woman who raised them, who taught them right from wrong. No matter how old they get you will always be their Momma. Just like I'll always be their Daddy.", I comforted her.

" But what if when They are older, in a couple of years, they ask about their birth parents? What will we do? What if they want them to be their mother and father instead?", esme sobbed.

" Esme, they will still love you. They will always love you.", I hugged her and watched our six children sleep happily in their nice warm beds.

THE END.......

For now