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Can this really be happening?

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are two humans who just happen to be in college and dating. But what if Bella told Edward something that scares him to death? How will Edward react? ( All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters exept the ones I made up

1. The news

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( Bella's POV)

I couldn't believe it. One stupid party, a few stupid beers and I take it to the next level with my boyfriend a month ago. I could barely remember the night I was so drunk. Now, I had to deal with the shocking news I just recieved. I looked at the clock, I was going to be late to class. I wanted to ditch, but Edward would know something was wrong and come looking for me. I didn't want to tell him what I had just learned, I wished I still didnt know.

" How's the most beautiful girl in the world this morning?", my boyfriend Edward kissed me on the cheek.

" Fine, a little under the weather, but I'll be okay.", I smiled back at him.

" Look, I know we've only been dating for a short time, but I want you to meet my family. They are coming to visit, and I think it's the perfect time.", Edward blushed.

" You've told me you hardly ever get to see your family. I don't want to take this time away from you.", I said avoiding his words.

" I'd rather them meet you though, then me proposing and them having no idea who you are.", Edward touched my cheek.

" Proposing? I thought we said we would wait a year or two.", I blushed scarlett.

" Well.. yeah, but I really want you to meet them. I love you Isabella Swan. I know, at least this is how I feel, that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.", he pressed his lips to mine.

" I love you too Edward Cullen. I'll meet your family, but first there's something, that... I have to.... tell you.... privately.", I pulled him into the bathroom.

" Alright, what is it.", he smiled and bent to kiss me more feircely. I almost got lost in his kiss but was brought back to reality.

" Edward, remember last month at the party. We got drunk and we.....", I blushed too embarrassed to say what we did.

" Yes, but what does it have to do with anything now?", he asked.

" I'm pregnant, I took four tests. They all came out positive.", Edward's face looked pale, then before I knew it he fainted.