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Can this really be happening?

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are two humans who just happen to be in college and dating. But what if Bella told Edward something that scares him to death? How will Edward react? ( All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters exept the ones I made up

11. Carlie Sophia Harper Cullen

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( Edward's POV)

Carlie was born on November 18th at three twenty one am. She weighed six pounds and four ounces. She had Bella's chocolate brown eyes and My bronze hair. She was absolutely beautiful. I had actually cried when she was born.

" Hi Carlie, I'm your daddy.", I was holding her and grinning like a fool. Bella was sleeping, her parents were on their way and so were mine. Harper was in the room when Carlie was born, I am pretty sure Harper is scared to have a baby now. Harper walked in the room and looked at Carlie.

" Here, do you want to hold her?", I asked, harper nodded and I place Carlie in her arms. Tanya was bringing Marshall to meet Carlie and Bella. I was nervous about them meeting, but I was also nervous about Bella and I's dog being around the baby. I didnt know how my son would react to his new little sister. He had just started talking, his first word was momma. Tanya already hated Bella, so I knew she would probably hate Carlie too.

( Bella's POV)

I woke up and Harper was sitting in a chair holding Carlie.

" Hey, so, do you like your new neice?", I smiled.

" Ya, but now, we aren't going to be able to spend as much time together. You have a baby and I am a senior in highschool. Plus, you have a new favorite girl.", A tear came from Harper's eye.

" Harper, come here. Just be careful with Carlie.", I said. Harper got up and walked over to the bed.

" Yeah?", she asked crying again.

" You are my favorite little sister. Carlie is my favorite baby girl. I am not giving part of your half of my heart to carlie. My heart just grew to give her room. I promise, we will still be like sisters. Nothing is going to change that. I mean for the first few months, it's going to be hard for me. But as soon as I learn to balance everything out, everything will be like normal again. I promise.", all the sudden there was a knock on the door and my parents walked in.

" Oh!, Where is Carlie? Let me hold her.", my mom took Carlie from Harper and harper sat on the bed with me.

" Hey Bells, how ya feeling?", my dad asked.

" Like I just had a baby.", I said. Everyone laughed.

" Where's Edward?", my mom asked holding Carlie's hand.

" Picking up his family from the airport. Their plane just landed. He wanted to tell Emmett to be nice to me.", I laughed. Emmett always messed with me. Rosalie hated me, Tanya hated me. My mom handed Carlie over to my dad and his eyes lit up.

" Well, hello there Carlie. I am your grandpa charlie. When do you get to take her home?", he felt her soft bronze colored hair.

" The doctor said I could take her home tomorrow. Edward and I are really nervous about the dog. We think he'll be fine though."", I said. Edward walked in the room and smiled.

" My family is here." He said.