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Can this really be happening?

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are two humans who just happen to be in college and dating. But what if Bella told Edward something that scares him to death? How will Edward react? ( All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters exept the ones I made up

4. Why couldnt you Edward?

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( Bella's POV)

I almost fainted, it couldnt be my birthday. I cant believe I forgot. I had to tell my parents about the baby. Another bad thing was they were at the apartment, I failed to tell them I lived at with my boyfirend. I dropped my phone and Edward noticed.

" Bella! Are you okay? Is the baby okay? What's going on?", his hands were on my face and my stomach.

" My parents, here, at the apartment. Birthday!", I was freaking out and couldn't get full sentences to form.

" OK Bella, calm down. Tell me what is wrong. In sentance form this time.", he sat me down. I explained how my parents were at our apartment and how I forgot it was my birthday, so they were in town.

" Well, how about, our families get together and we will tell your parents about the baby.", Edward smiled.

" My sister is going to flirt with you, so be aware", I joked and he laughed. We set up a place to meet with my parents at seven. They looked forward to meeting Edward in person.

" Oh, Edward, I didn't tell them we're living together.", I smiled.

He laughed then responded, " Well, let's get that out and in the open as well."

( Edward's POV)

" Mom, Dad, can we talk?", they weren't so happy I was becoming a father at such a young age.

" Edward, of course we can talk. As long as you'll answer one question for me.", my mother requested.

" Alright, what is it you want to ask?", I smiled.

" What do you plan to do now?", she shed a tear.

" Mom, it was an accident. I never planned on this happening. But I think I know the answer to your question.", I took a deep breath then continued, " I want to marry Bella, but I don't know if she wants to get married yet, at such a young age.".

" Edward, why couldnt you have just loved Tanya? There would be no need for this, Tanya most definetly wouldnt be pregnant. Your whole life has to change because of this girl.", my mother sobbed.

" I don't love Tanya like that mom. I never felt that way towards her. And my life was changed the second I met Isabella Swan! I love her Mom! I love her more than anything in this world, adn she's pregnant with my baby. With your grandchild, why cant you just except it and let me be happy?", I begged.

" I can't except it because it's not right! Tanya would be so much better for you! This girl has been in your life for what, two months? Tanya has been in it for eight years!", she spat at me.

" Esme, I love Bella. I am going to be a father. I don't love Tanya the way I love Bella. Please, I am begging you, give her a chance. She is an amazing person, she had my heart from the first smile she gave me. No matter what, I am with Bella, you can hate me, or disown me or whatever you want, just please, let me love Bella.", I never called my mother Esme unless I was extremely serious( I am adopted, so are my siblings). I was crying, something I never did.

" You must really love this girl, so, let's go meet her parents shall we?", my mother smiled and took my hand, to lead me to the car.