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Can this really be happening?

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are two humans who just happen to be in college and dating. But what if Bella told Edward something that scares him to death? How will Edward react? ( All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters exept the ones I made up

7. You left me

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( Edward's POV)

" So you do remember that night?", Tanya asked.

" Of course I remember. Our son was born nine months after that. How is he?", I asked. I never told Bella I had a son, she thought he was my cousin.

" He misses you, he is staying with my parents while I'm up here. Why is this girl so special? I have already had your baby. Marshal is your son, and you're throwing us away for a girl you've only known for two months.", she asked.

" I am not throwing you guys away, how about this. In three months, when summer is out, I promise I will come see you and Marshall. I'll spend a week in Washington with you two, and we will be a family.", I promised. Tanya smiled and nodded.

" Alright, don't forget. Marshall is still your son, he needs his daddy too.", Tanya left a little while later. Bella had went to bed. I fell asleep, a few minutes later.

( Bella's Pov)

Three months later

I woke up very excited. Today was the day edward and I would find out if we were having a son or a daughter. I found a note on the counter from Edward:


I am going home to Washington for a week. I'll see you when I get home.

I love you,


I was begging, hoping that this was a joke but it wasnt. Edward forgot about my doctors appointment and he was going to miss finding out the gender of our baby. I knew he was on the plane so I couldn't call him. I couldn't fly because I was pregnant. Why wouldn't he tell me he was going home so I could have scheduled the appointment to an earlier or later date?