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Can this really be happening?

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are two humans who just happen to be in college and dating. But what if Bella told Edward something that scares him to death? How will Edward react? ( All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters exept the ones I made up

8. You missed it

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(Bella's POV)

I was still pissed off, but I was ten minutes late for my appointment. I got in the car and drove down to the doctor's office. They took me back to a room and set up the ultrasound machine.

" So, where's Edward, he usually comes. I don't see why he wouldn't come to one of the most important appointments.", my doctor asked.

" He decided today was a good a day as any to go visit his family in washington for a week. He didn't even wake me up to tell me. He left a damn note.", A tear slid down my cheek. The doctor put the camera thing on my stomach and pointed to the baby's head.

" Do you want to know the sex?", she asked.

" Ya,", I mumbled. She showed me the baby's head then the arms and legs then she stopped and smiled.

" You are having a girl.", tears of happiness fell down my cheeks.

( Edward's POV)

I didn't tell Bella I was leaving because she would have wanted to come. I needed to spend time with my son though. I couldn't help but feel like I forgot something.

" So, Edward, how's college going.?", Tanya's father asked.

" It's going well Mr. Denali. School is out for the summer and I promised Tanya I would come to visit. I just can't help but feel that I forgot something.", I said.

" Well I am sure everything is fine. I hear you have a girlfriend.", he accused.

" Yes sir, her name is Bella. We live together.", I admitted. My phone started ringing and I smiled. " This is her now. Here I will put it on speaker."

" Hey Bella!"

" EDWARD CULLEN! I hate you so much right now! You are an ass!"

" What did I do?", I yelled back.

" Today is the fifteenth of June Edward! Congrats it's a girl! Thanks for remembering we were finding out the sex of the baby today!", I felt all the blood leave my face. I couldnt believe I forgot this appointment.

" Bella, I am so sorry. I... I forgot, when I get home I'll make it up to you.", I felt like crying. I missed the appointment where I would find out the sex of my baby.

" No, you aren't going to try and make it up to me. You aren't because I am going to my parents for a couple days. Do not call me, do not text me I dont even want you to think about me. I left a video on the counter for you, when you get home watch it. You'll be able to see your daughter. Goodbye.", Bella hung up.

" You are having another child? With another woman?", Mr. Denali looked at me saying good luck with that.