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Twilight Reversed

The same basic plot only Bella is Bella Marie Mason Cullen and Edward is Edward Anthony Swan. Edward is the son of the police cheif. Bella is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward is a human Bella is a Vampire.

I do not own Twilight. I just though it would be cool to see how the story would be if Bella was a vampire instead of Edward.

1. 1918

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(Bellas POV)


I was laying in my hospital bed, the influenza had hit in chicago. All I could comprehend was my mother and father had already been claimed by this disease. There was a doctor who would always visit us. Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I think he grew attached to my mother and I. Before my mother passed, I thought I heard him whisper to her to do what other doctors couldnt and save my life. He seemed shocked.

It was the next day, I knew I would die any minute. I closed my eyes and started letting the influenza take me. All of the sudden I felt like I was flying. This must be what it is like to die. Before I knew it there was a burning sensation in my body and I screamed in pain. It was worse than any pain I had ever felt. I assumed it lasted about three days. Before all the pain subsided I heard Dr. Cullen talking to me.

" Bella, It's me Carlisle Cullen. I am going to tell you whats going on. Bella, you're becoming a vampire. I couldnt let you die the way you were going to. Your mother made me promise I would save you. I know this all sounds crazy, but I will prove it to you as soon as you are fully concious."

A vampire? How could I be a vampire? They didn't exist. They were myths told by parents to get children to behave. I couldn't believe this. The pain in my body was gone, but my throat felt extremely parched. Like I had been in the desert for days without water. I opened my eyes and I could see everything in amazing detail. I looked at my body. I was pale white and my skin felt like satin. Though I am sure it was hard as marble.

" Bella, how do you feel?", Dr. Cullen asked.

" Dr. Cullen, what's wrong with me?", my voice had a ring to it, and it was higher than I thought.

" Call me Carlisle. You are an immortal. A vampire, here look in the mirror.", I looked and I had bright red eyes.

" Ok, so I am a vampire. I have to kill people?", I hated the idea of murder.

" You could, but I live differently than those of our species. I only drink animal blood, I consider myself a 'vegatarian'. My father hunted vampires, I was bitten and disgusted about what I had become. I tried to kill myself in various ways. None of them worked so eventually I starved myself. I came across a herd of deer, I was so thirsty that, I immediately drank them. That's when I realized I didn't have to murder people.", Carlisle smiled. His eyes were golden brown.

" Why are my eyes red but yours are golden?", I asked.

" The diet of animal blood will change them, your's will be like mine in a few months. You are probably thirst, come let's hunt." With that I walked outside and began my new life.