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Twilight Reversed

The same basic plot only Bella is Bella Marie Mason Cullen and Edward is Edward Anthony Swan. Edward is the son of the police cheif. Bella is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward is a human Bella is a Vampire.

I do not own Twilight. I just though it would be cool to see how the story would be if Bella was a vampire instead of Edward.

2. Forks

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Chapter 1

( Edwards POV)

My mom had just remarried, and her new husbamd was a minor league baseball player. He traveled and my mom missed him so I was moving from the sunny, warm Pheonix, Arizona, to the rainy, cold city of Forks, Washington to live with my dad Charlie. My dad had enrolled me in highschool and my first day would be the day after I arrived. I packed all my clothes and put my suitcase in the trunk. I was wearing a white tanktop and Beige shorts.

I fianally was at the airport and was saying goodbye to my mom and step dad.

" Call me if you want to come home. I'll come back for you.", my mom was crying and I hugged her.

" I'll be fine.", I lied. I had said this lie to her so much I was actually starting to fool myself.

" Alright, well, don't want to miss your flight. I'll email you every day, and make sure you call. I'll miss you.", my mother sobbed.

The plane ride was long and uncomfortable but I managed. It was noon when my plane landed in Port Angeles. I met my dad, Charlie, at his police cruiser.

" Edward! How are you son?", my dad pulled me in for a hug.

" I'm good dad.", I put my suitcase in the trunk and got in the passenger side. Of course it was raining when I got to Charlie's. I wasnt aloud to call him charlie to his face my mom said. I was already missing her. I was missing the sun and the warm air. In the driveway sat an old faded red chevy truck.

" So what do you think of the truck? I wanted you to be happy here so it's your welcome home present.", my dad said.

" I love it dad! Thanks!", he blushed being uncomfortable.

" Well you're welcome.", I was smiling as I walked up to it. I spent the rest of the day in my room, unpacking and checking my laptop for any emails. I fell asleep to the sound of rain hitting the roof.