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Twilight Reversed

The same basic plot only Bella is Bella Marie Mason Cullen and Edward is Edward Anthony Swan. Edward is the son of the police cheif. Bella is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Edward is a human Bella is a Vampire.

I do not own Twilight. I just though it would be cool to see how the story would be if Bella was a vampire instead of Edward.

3. The Cullens and The Hales

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Chapter 2

( Edward's POV)

Charlie wasn't home when I left for school. I went into the main building office to get my schedule.

" Hello, can I help you?", The pudgy grey haired lady from behind the desk asked.

" I am Edward Swan. I came to get my schedule.", her eyes widened in shock. She immediately knew who I was after that.

" Of course, here is your schedule and a map of the building.", the lady showed me the easiest ways to get to my classes.

I parked my truck in the student lot. The nicest looking car was a silver volvo. It seemed to stand our here. I headed to my first class and a boy with acne and black hair ran up to me.

" You're Edward Swan right? I'm Eric Yorkey.", he held out his hand.

" Ya, I'm Edward. Nice to meet you.", I shook Eric's hand.

Before I knew it I had made a few friends and it was lunch. The cafeteria wasn't big, but it seemed to fit all of the students. I was talking with Jessica and I heard the cafeteria door open. Four kids who looked like supermodels walked in.

" Who are they?", I asked Mike.

" The Cullens and the Hales. The big guy with the muscles is Emmett Cullen, He's dating the gorgous blond Rosalie Hale. The Pixie girl is Alice Cullen, she's pretty weird. She's with the one who looks like he's in pain, Jasper Hale. They all are adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. Rosalie and Jasper Hale are Mrs. Cullen's neice and nephew. The rest are just adopted.", Mike explained. The door opened again and another pale girl walked in. She was every bit as beutiful as the blond.

" Who is she?", I asked again.

" Isabella Cullen. She prefers being called Bella. Don't waist your time though, she doesn't have a boyfriend but she doesn't date.", I got the vibe that mike had tried to ask her out but she was rejected. Bella sat with her family. She didn't smile. They all had trays of untouched food, and were all whispering. I couldn't quit looking at Bella. She had waist length brown hair that looked like it had a little bit of red in it. Her eyes looked black and it looked like she were recovering from a broken nose. Her skin was pale white. She was extremley beautiful. Before I knew it she was looking right at me. I blushed and looked away. It seemed so girly for a guy to blush but I did.

The bell rang and I looked at my schedule, I had biology. I loved biology. I just hoped it wouldn't be boring.