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Failed new beginings

A new beginning seemed so fitting and when the University of medical and microbiological science offered me a full scholarship, I all but jumped at the offer. Maybe now I would be able to have a life that might be a bit disconnected from him......

This story takes place from where Bella and Jacob reconciled, she didnt jump and the Cullens didnt return Disclaimer: I dont own anything, the characters all belong to SM. All I own is pure boredom, way too many creative juices, a blackberry and a really old hairdryer.

1. The big move, the big refresh

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I’ve always known that my life would be destined for either awkward encounters and heartbreak or just boredom and since I moved to Forks I had a lot of heartbreak.

Today I am saying goodbye to that life and starting out new in Italy, I received a scholarship to study Microbiology and Medicine there and it was my key to a new life. Charlie was happy with Sue Clearwater and Renee had Phil and our newest addition to our family, my little brother Joshua.

My apartment was in Volterra, it was about five miles from campus. Everything was already sorted all that was still needed was me boarding the plane in about half an hour.

Charlie and I were at the airport having breakfast and then it was off to my new life. I needed this new life; I have been practically dead for three years now. They left and then Jake changed too much when he became a werewolf, we ended up fighting almost everyday and we have been apart for almost a year now.

“Bells, are you sure you want to go today? Tomorrow is your 21st birthday; you don’t have to be alone in a new city.” Charlie has been trying to get me to leave later but I needed to leave, tomorrow will just be a bad memory of what happened with them three years ago. “Dad I can’t get there a day before semester starts I need to be prepared and familiar with the place and I have tomorrow and the weekend for that.

“Flight 29 to Italy boarding.” I stood up and gave Charlie a hug “Goodbye dad, ill come and visit over break. Love you” that was the closest to an emotional display that I could handle and he understood it. With a peck on my cheek Charlie headed for the exit and I headed for the terminal. The stewardess scanned my ticket and pointed me to the plane’s entrance. I immediately took a seat next to a window and close to the door. I got out the damaged copy of Wuthering Heights out of my bag and rested against the seat. The plane started to fill up with people and with crew member.

The seat next to me was empty by the time we were ready too take off. “Ladies and gentlemen we are ready to take off and we would like all of you to please remain seated and to buckle up your safety belt.”

So this is it. The start to my new life.

The flight was long and too quiet. After we finally landed I got my bags and waited for a taxi. I thought of everything I left behind and what is waiting for me in this new town. It was sunny out and this was already a change from the near constant cover of clouds over Forks. The trip from the airport was about an hour to Volterra. I finally reached my new home.

The apartment building was just like all the other buildings surrounding it. It was so different from the green and wet town of Forks I was so used to. I kept on trying to convince myself that this was a good change.

After I got everything settled into my new apartment I went down to town to get some groceries and a new book or two. I stopped at a coffee shop just to enjoy my new surroundings.

I decided to start reading my new book in peace and quiet when I heard the chair across me move and be occupied. “Hey, you must be new to town if you’re here all alone.” I decided not to answer; I was not in the mood for a casual conversation with a local. “Definitely new to town if you’re so quiet.”

I knew that keeping quiet wasn’t going to give him the idea of me not wanting to be disturbed. “Yeah just moved here.” I replied without looking up from my book. He cleared his throat and I saw a very pale hand take my book out of my hand. “You know it is extremely rude talking to a person with your nose stuck inside a book.”

He caught my attention at the moment I saw his features. The pale skin, dark circles around his eyes and his perfect features. I immediately knew what he was but whether it was a good thing or not I wasn’t so sure about. He looked me with daring eyes waiting for me to say something but all I wanted to do was run and hide, he was like a reminder of them.