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Failed new beginings

A new beginning seemed so fitting and when the University of medical and microbiological science offered me a full scholarship, I all but jumped at the offer. Maybe now I would be able to have a life that might be a bit disconnected from him......

This story takes place from where Bella and Jacob reconciled, she didnt jump and the Cullens didnt return Disclaimer: I dont own anything, the characters all belong to SM. All I own is pure boredom, way too many creative juices, a blackberry and a really old hairdryer.

2. Confrontations,Freak outs and Reunions

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My heart went into a full panic and it was pounding in my throat, I lowered by face back into the book, attempting to hide the way I reacted. “So what brought you here?” the memory of Edward asking me the same question flashed through my mind.

A short girl with long brown hair and plain brown eyes was standing next to a tall boy with reddish hair that was lying lazily on his head. He looked at her with soft loving eyes as he spoke. “So what made you come to forks.” she bit her lip and then answered him, her voice breaking at some points. “Well it’s complicated.”

That was more than enough for me to think about now, I took a deep breathe, which ended up being a huge mistake, his scent was sweet like a candy store. “Well I have to go. It was nice meeting someone that’s actually a resident here.” I had to leave so without giving him a chance to stop me I picked up my bag of groceries and my books and headed home.

When I reached my apartment everything seemed so empty yet it was furnished completely. I packed the groceries away and took a long cold shower, it felt as if his cold fingers were on my skin, I felt a slight shard of pain in my abdomen but chose to ignore it as my mind flooded with all the times he actually touched me and the words that he so loved to tell me echoed through my thoughts. “I love you Isabella Marie Swan.” after so long and so much tragedy I still chose not to believe it.

I closed the shower and laid my cheek against the cold glass then whispers softly. “I wish I could know why it happened.” Nothing would give me more peace then knowing why he destroyed me. As I climbed out and pulled a towel around my waist I heard a soft thud, the sound was familiar, which made it seem odd. “Ok you can’t lie to me, who are you and don’t stay quiet I’m not that stupid.” At least my heart wasn’t beating out of my chest. I placed my hand on the door and waited for almost three seconds. I started contemplating my chances of climbing out a window in a towel down a four storey apartment building, they were bleak.

“Seriously you can’t be a burglar your movements are to precise, so tell me who you are or I might have to scream.” Not that it would help much. I was sitting on the bathroom floor my back against the door and I was about to scream when I heard a voice that I never thought I would ever hear. “Bella, Bella please come out, I won't hurt you.” suddenly anger boiled over and I got up and ripped the door open. “You won't hurt me, that’s funny because I heard you say that before Edward. Now, what do you want?” He suddenly looked away from me, at his shoes to be precise. “Edward look at me!” I was so mad at him. “I would if you weren’t naked.” I blushed immediately then stomped off to my room, not even picking up the towel, I grabbed my night gown and walked back out while still putting it on. “Now talk you have one minute before I scream.” I could see the pained expression on his face, the same one he had on my birthday. “I heard you were here in Volterra and I though I needed to warn you.” That was the last straw. “Warn me? From what, that idiot boy vampire that was friendly at the coffee shop or the door man that I barely noticed, Edward no one here can hurt me more then the person standing in front of me!” I didn’t realise I was yelling at him until I felt tears streaming down my cheeks.

I lowered my head, I couldn’t look at him. How did he think this conversation was going to go? Did he honestly think I was just going to jump into his arms like nothing ever happened? I ran my hand through my wet hair and heard him take a sharp breathe. I rolled my eyes at him, at this point I couldn’t care less if I was his Singer or not. “Now Edward, can you tell me what you wanted to tell me. I have to some sleep.” Ugh this day was just too exhausting.

I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and threw in some cereal and went to the fridge to get the milk. As I touched the fridge his hand was on mine, I made the mistake of actually looking up and looking at him. “Bella.” If I wasn’t standing so close to him I wouldn’t have heard him. “I know you don’t love me and that I am intruding your home, but I needed to know that you were aware of what happens around here.” His voice was so musical yet pain stained it. I merely nodded. “The Volturi, they are the resident vampires here and the boy you met was Alec Volturi. He is one of Aro’s most prized guard members.” My ears were ringing as he talked, the memory of the discussion we had in Carlisle’s studio was flooding my mind.

“You don’t aggravate the Volturi, not unless you want to die”

I gasped as I realised that they might know that I know what they are. “Do they know?” he shook his head. “I had to make sure you were safe, Alec found you intriguing but he doesn’t suspect anything.” Then it hit me. How did he know Alec and I met at the coffee shop. “Edward, were you following me again?” he bit his lip and shook his head. “No Bella, I am a guest of the Volturi and I have been for the last year.” I openly gapped at him. He placed a finger at the end of my chin then closed it. “Carlisle thought it would be a good idea to be around something different, well he was right about them being different.” I couldn’t help but look at his eyes, I wanted to see the liquid bronze that was warm and welcoming but all I saw were two black pools of hunger. “Edward. Why are your eyes so black?” It looked like he was starving himself. “I haven’t hunted in about two weeks, just haven’t been able to leave the castle, the weather didn’t allow it.” I nodded remembering how sunny it was when I got here. Out of habit I pointed to the window. “Go hunt, I’ll wait.” He looked at me in shock, I chose to ignore him and poured milk over my cereal then headed to the lounge, I grabbed the new book I started reading and looked at the cover for the first time

Annie’s Legacy by Ken McCoy I shrugged lightly and then took a bite of my cereal, I set the bowl down on the table and looked over to where he was standing and smiled softly as I noticed that he actually listened to me.