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Carlisles fate

Carlisle had a daughter before he was changed, only he didn't know about her. He also doesn't know her blood sang for a vampire. This vampire happened to change her, she killed him after he explained everything. She had spent the rest of the time looking for her father. But what will happen when she finds her father in forks, washington. Carlisle has his own adopted vampire family. How will she tell him she's his daughter? Pease read and review!

This is purely fanfiction!

1. Chapter 1)

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Before Carlisle Cullen was changed:

" I cannot promise you I will return to you. I found I true coven of vampires. You must promise me you will not leave until I return to you." my soon to be fiance requested. My name was Rebecca Willow Montgomery. I was irrevocably in love with Carlisle Cullen.

" What if you don't return, my love?", I asked grabbing his hand.

" If I do not return, I want you to move on. I love you more than anything. You must promise, if I die tonight, you will allow your heart to heal.", He looked me in the eye to make sure I wasn't lying.

" I promise. Just make sure you come back to me.", he kissed me on the lips and ran out the door from my house.

Carlisle never returned. A month later I found I was carrying his child. I could tell as I came closer to having the child, I was growing weaker. I was sick, and I knew I would die shortly after having my baby.

Eight months later:

I had a beautiful daughter in which I named Isabella Marie Cullen. I believed her father's compassion and love would live with her. Before I died, I begged the nurse who had delivered her to take care of her. The nurse promised Isabella would be safe and loved.

17 years later:

( Isabella's POV)

" Isabella, I promised I wouldn't tell you until you were older, but I am sickening and you must know before I pass.", my adopted mother whispered.

" What is it mother?", tears came from my face. I had already lost my father and my biological mother. My foster mother had never married. She cared for me when my mother died after giving birth to me.

" Your father's name is Carlisle Cullen. He is a vampire, he was changed almost eighteen years ago and ran away. There is a coven of vampires waiting your arrival. They will change you, and you may go look for him. Be ware though, the change comes with a price.", she whispered.

" What's the price?", I begged.

" You will have endless bloodlust. Though you could hunt animals instead of people, the bloodlust will always be there. You will not be able to have children. You will not be able to walk in the sunlight, and you may spend the rest of your immortal life in search of your father. Look at your options, I shall not choose for you. You are no longer a child. I love you my dear Isabella, never forget your love and compassion with others. Remember me, I love you.", with that she stopped breathing. I knew I wanted to become an immortal. I wanted to find my father. I needed someone to love me.

I searched for days on end, only hunting when necessary. I only hunted animals, and I had never tasted human blood. I had seen paintings of my father in the church so I knew what he looked like. I thought I saw him once in a hospital in 1918. I was living in chicago at the time, I never considered him to be my father, the man was a doctor. What vampire would have the restraint to be a doctor?