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Carlisles fate

Carlisle had a daughter before he was changed, only he didn't know about her. He also doesn't know her blood sang for a vampire. This vampire happened to change her, she killed him after he explained everything. She had spent the rest of the time looking for her father. But what will happen when she finds her father in forks, washington. Carlisle has his own adopted vampire family. How will she tell him she's his daughter? Pease read and review!

This is purely fanfiction!

2. Chapter 2)

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( Carlisle's POV)

I was utterly happy with the way my life turned out. I had five adopted children and a loving wife. It was even more amazing we were all vampires. Though Rosalie wasn't happy with the fact she couldn't have children. Everybody was exceptionally happy. When I think about my human life, the only thing I ever thought of was Rebecca. I loved Esme my wife, but Rebecca was special. I find myself bringing her face into my memory many atimes.

" Carlisle, the hospital called and asked if you would come in, I told them you would. So, up and atem, don't wasnt to be late. I love you.", Esme kissed my cheek.

" I love you too. When the children get back from hunting make sure they are ready for school.", I knew they wanted to ditch today, but that wasn't happening. Esme laughed and agreed and I was off to work.

( Edward's POV)

" Did you smell that?", I asked. I could tell a vampire had been in the area recently. Although I couldn't read their mind.

" Yes, let's follow the scent. Maybe we can find our visitor.", emmett grinned at the thought of a challenge. We all ran towards the direction of the scent and found a girl sitting on a rock. She had pale skin, dark brown hair almost to her waist and honey gold eyes like ours. She looked shocked, I couldn't read her mind.

" I am Edward, and you are?", I held my hand out.

" Isabella, I am looking for my father. I just so happend to stumble across this dreery little town. If it would be possible could you take me to your coven leaders?", she asked smiling. I nodded and we darted off towards the house.

( Esme's POV)

I heard the children approaching, but there were six instead of five. I wonder if they found a nomad.

" Children, your father told me to tell you to go get ready for school.", I sent them upstairs while the girl the brought with them stood uncomfortably.

" I am Esme.", I smiled.

" Isabella Marie Cullen.", she had the same last name. How odd.

" That's my last name also. My husband Carlisle is working right now.", I smiled. The girl started asking questions right away.

" He's a doctor? Does he have blond hair? Was he a vampire hunter as a human?"

" Yes, yes and yes. Why?", how did this girl know my husband.

" Seventeen years after my birth I was changed. My father Carlisle Cullen had died hunting vampires. Or so we thought until we discovered he was one himself. I have been searching my whole immortal life for him. I am his daughter.", she took a deep breath.