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Carlisles fate

Carlisle had a daughter before he was changed, only he didn't know about her. He also doesn't know her blood sang for a vampire. This vampire happened to change her, she killed him after he explained everything. She had spent the rest of the time looking for her father. But what will happen when she finds her father in forks, washington. Carlisle has his own adopted vampire family. How will she tell him she's his daughter? Pease read and review!

This is purely fanfiction!

3. 3

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( Edward's POV)

Isabella. When I saw her, I immediately thought of Carlisle. Isabella looked like the type of girl who is selfless. I just wanted to grab her hand, it was like my body was telling me to touch her. To close the space between us. Her eyes amazed me, I didn't want to look away. I wanted to know why I felt this way. That's when Jasper walked into mt room.

" You're feeling confused. Why?", he asked.

" Isabella, I, I look at her and I never want to look away. When I shook her hand, I didnt want to let go. I don't know what's going on with me.", I sighed. Jasper smiled, then laughed.

" That my brother, it exactly how I feel about Alice. I know for a fact that's how Em feels about Rose. Do you think Isabella could be your mate?", He asked. I thought about it and before I knew it I ran downstairs and grabbed Isabella's face and kissed her. Then carlisle walked in while my lips were on hers.

( Carlisle's POV)

Turns out the hospital only needed me to fill out some paperwork I forgot. I walked in the house to see my son Edward's lips on another girls. The girl though, she took away my breath. She looked so much like Rebecca. She had her hair and her mouth. But her other features looked like mine. Before I could stop myself I started talking.

" Rebecca? Is that you?", I aked. The girl turned to face me.

" No, Rebecca Willow Montgomery was my mother. She died giving birth to me. I'm Isabella Marie Cullen, I'm seventeen years old, physically I mean. I was changed, sometime in the sixteenhundreds. My father was...... killed, by vampires. But turns out, he was changed, not killed. I've been searching for him, my whole immortal life. The name my mother gave me was Isabella Marie Cullen.", she sighed. Wait, her mother was rebecca, her last name is Cullen. I was with Rebecca the day I changed. We slept together.

" What's your birthday?", I asked.

" September thirteenth, sixteen sixtyfour. I was Seventeen.", she told me.

" Who's your father.", I aked. I had a feeling about who she would say.

" Well as I said, I never met him. I have to go off paintings I remebered in a church. His name is- is Carlisle Cullen. That's what my mother told my foster mother. Then my foster mother told me, I became and immortal, to search for my father. To tell him my biological and foster mother had died. If you don't want to believe it, that's fine, I'll leave you to your family. But if you do, I would like to know about my mother, and you. I've never met her, and you were gone before she found out she was pregnant.", I had a daughter, I wanted to believe it, but I needed time to think.

" I- I need time, time to think and process all of this. We could meet tomorrow, after my children's school.", I said. She nodded and started walkng but Edward started walking with her.

" What are you doing?", she asked.

" Coming with you, I- I think I'm in love with you.", Edward said nervously. Isabella's eyes got huge.

" No, no, no and no. I am on my own. I decided that the minute I woke up from the change. I don't want to be close to anybody, my mothers were ripped away from me, I don't want anyone else to be. You can't be with me. Go to school, I promise, before I leave, I'll see you one more time.", she touched his cheek and ran out of the house. Edward turned around with sadness in his eyes.

" I don't think I'm in love with her. I am in love with her, and I just let her walk away.", Edward sobbed. I had never seen my son like this.

" Carlisle, she's your daughter.", Esme said quietly.

" We don't know for sure yet, it could just be a coincidence or a lie.", I made excuses.

" Who is this Rebecca? You never told me about her.", esme accused.

" She was my fiance from my human life. I was changed and I never went back.", I explained.

" Is there a posibility Isabella is your daughter?", She whispered. I nodded.

I went to work the next day but alice came in.

" There's a nomad in the area. It's not Isabella, but I see Isabella near him.", she said in a rush.

" When? In an hour. We're too late to stop it.", She sighed sadly.

" Stop what?"

" He tries to kill her.... I don't see the ending.", she whispered almost so low that I could barely hear her.

( Bella's POV)

I sat on a rock thinking about my years as an immortal. Then I thought back to Edward. I was in love with him, I knew he was my mate but I just couldn't have another person in my life taken away. It was then I heard the wind, it had shifted to the sound of a running vampire. I turned around quickly and was met face to face with him.

" Ah, Hello there.", his voice was creepy.

" Hello, I'm Isabella.", I greeted politely.

" I'm Riley.", He grinned.

" What do you want? I'm not really in the mood to chat.", I growled.

" You see, I'm trying to become the leader of all vampires. And you are a vampire that looks so... strong. I'd like for you to be in my army to overthrow the Volturi.", He looked so arrogant.

" Let me think about that...... No.", I stated.

" You really shouldn't have said that. Now you're just in my way. I have to kill you now.", with that he lunged and and tackled me to the ground. I kicked him off and got in my hunting stance. My arm burned from the venom seeing as he bit me. Afte ra long fight I finally got him on the ground and tore his head off. I grabbed the lighter I kept on me and started burning the pieces. I ran towards my hotel and changed my clothes. I looked at the time. I had to get over to the Cullen's house. As I approached I saw Carlisle pacing as well as Edward. I knocked on the door. Carlisle saw me and looked relieved.

" Sorry I'm late. I ran into a bit of.... trouble.", I growled at the thought of that man.