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Setting Sun

Isabella Swan is 22 years old. She is moving to Forks, Washington because her mother has just died. She didn't want to be alone. She went to culinary college and is now looking for work. What happens when she meets one of her father's friend's sons? How will she react to seeing him. Remind you she hasnt been to forks since she was twelve. Please read and and review!

I do not own the twilight saga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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( Bella's POV)

It had been two weeks since my mother died. She had left me everything. Phil had a mental breakdown and was in a phyciatric hospital. She left me the house, two hundred thousand dollars, and her car. She also left me all the little things. I had gone to culinary school after highschool. I wanted to start up my own resturant here in Forks. I needed to stay busy to not think about my mother's death. I had already sold the house and the car was taken to Charlie's house in Forks.

Charlie picked me up from the airport, and we drove to the diner to eat lunch.

" So Bells, how have you been?", Charlie asked.

" I've been a wreck, not as bad as Phil. I just, I can't believe she's gone. They still haven't found her body and They have no new leads.", A tear slid frome my eye.

" Hey, Charlie. Can I get you anything else?", the waittress asked.

" No thanks Emily. I just cant believe this is the last time I'll be eatin here.", Charlie sighed.

" Wait, is it up for sale?", I asked.

" Ya, $ 50,000, is what the manager is asking.", Emily replied.

" Really?", I think I just found a way to keep busy.

" Ya and all the things in the resturaunt come with it. Why?", Emily asked.

" What if I bought it? I was in Culinary school the last four years. I wanted to open a resturaunt. Why not here?", I smiled. The resturaunt was in La push. It was really cute, and I really liked it.

" Wow! Really? It's amazing here, and buisiness isn't bad. The res is awesome. Do you want me to tell my boss you're interested?", Emily asked.

" Ya, is she here?", I asked.

" Ya, here come with me."

We went into the office and when we came out I owned the resturaunt. It would probably take a couple days to set it up the way I wanted it though. I fianally had a distraction from thinking about my mother.