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Setting Sun

Isabella Swan is 22 years old. She is moving to Forks, Washington because her mother has just died. She didn't want to be alone. She went to culinary college and is now looking for work. What happens when she meets one of her father's friend's sons? How will she react to seeing him. Remind you she hasnt been to forks since she was twelve. Please read and and review!

I do not own the twilight saga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. 2.)

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( Jacob's POV)

Why did I have to be the only member of the pack who hadn't imprinted? I was the true alpha, shouldn't I have been second at least to imprint? Why couldn't I quit thinking about this today?

" Hey Quil, weren't you supposed to pick Claire up ten minutes ago?", I asked. Claire was Quil's imprint.

" Crap! See ya Jake!", he bolted to his car. Emily walked into the shop I was working at.

" Hey Em, what's up?", I smiled. Emily was Sam's imprint. They had been married two years.

" Guess who's in town?", she smiled.

" Hmmm, I don't know who?", I smiled. I honestly had no idea who she was talking about.

" Isabella Swan. She just bought the diner. She's letting me work there and be assistant manager!", she squeeled. I had seen pictures of Bella and she was really hot. It made my heart flutter to hear she was fianally in town.

" Really? When is she going to be there?", I asked. I needed excuse to go see her.

" Well actually, Some of the pack is going down there to help paint tomorrow. We're bringing the kids so they can play with eachother. All the guys already met her, Quil's eyes popped out of his head. It was really funny. So do you want to help paint?", she asked.

" Ya, I'll be there at noon.", Emily nodded and walked away smiling.

Fianally I had an excuse to see Charlie's daughter. I'd only seen her in pictures and she looked amazing. I just wanted to meet her officially.