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Carlisle wants what he cannot have, and he will stop at nothing to get it. M/M slash. AU.

Warning: this story contains graphic depictions of male on male sexuality.

1. Want One

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Want One

Carlisle stood behind the sliding glass door that led to the expansive backyard. He watched as his son wrestled playfully with his lover in the grass. His son. How he wished they'd never masqueraded as such. If only Carlisle had been able to admit his desire for Edward in the beginning, when he still had ample opportunity. Edward would have happily consented, Carlisle knew that. Newborns were known to desire copulation almost as much as blood.

But Carlisle had been a celibate creature for centuries, waiting for the Right One to come along. Unfortunately, his religious upbringing had led him to firmly believe that the Right One would be a woman. Carlisle ignored the strange stirrings in his loins whenever Edward was near, and was careful to not make more eye contact than necessary. Masking his mind had been the easy part - it was such a repressed desire that he knew to be wrong - it was even written in the Bible. So the feeling was buried deep - not accessed by his consciousness.

He had found Esme, a woman he'd known and enjoyed the company of prior to changing Edward, at death's door some years later and he thought the coincidence to be fate. He changed her, hoping she would be his mate. She recalled him from time past as well, felt the same way about the coincidence, and they had been together ever since. Edward remained unawakened sexually for quite some time. After nearly a century, he'd found his mate in a vampire's mortal enemy - which surprised no one, as Edward tended to be dramatic.

The Quiluete dwarfed the vampire in physique, but the vampire was stronger, faster and had the benefit of telepathy. Carlisle's lips tugged up at the corners as he watched slight, leanly-muscled Edward tackle the russet-skinned, beefy wolf. Carlisle couldn't help but wonder who bottomed. Edward looked up sharply and glared at Carlisle.

So...it's you? Carlisle teased.

Edward scowled and hissed under his breath. Carlisle merely chuckled quietly behind the screen door before turning away.


Esme pretended not to notice the growing distance between her and Carlisle. Several months ago, their lovemaking had slowed significantly. Their sex life had always been healthy and vigorous, and alarms went off in Esme's brain. She questioned him about it on the third night he rejected her advances.

He had explained that he was feeling overcome with the desire to dominate the males in his coven. When she blanched at his confession, he quickly explained that most coven leaders exerted their authority in this way. Esme had not lived long in this life relative to Carlisle. He had spent time with other covens in his existence, so she trusted that this was the way of things. When she asked why he was only now feeling this instinctual urge, he did not profess to know - only to say that perhaps the addition of Jacob had sparked the urge as the coven had expanded that much more. Esme accepted this, and told him as such, giving him her blessing to do as he had to.

Weeks passed, and Carlisle did nothing to soothe his base desires, as coven leader nor husband. Esme grew frustrated, and finally asked him what was taking him so long - she missed his touch!

"I don't want to just take it from them, my dear. I want them to want it."

Now, several weeks later, Carlisle had withdrawn further into himself, spending hours poring over medical journals, but never turning the pages. Esme began to notice his gazes at Edward lingered a bit longer than necessary. She also noticed that he never looked at Emmett or Jasper in quite the same way he looked at Edward. Perhaps she was beginning to go mad from her pent-up sexual desire, but she began to suspect Carlisle was only interested in claiming Edward.

When she finally confronted him, his answer came with a simple shrug.

"I'd like to go in order."


Alice - she cannot see through Jacob, so she does not know Edward's future. Carlisle's however, is a bit clearer. She knows that he lusts after Edward, and that he plans to claim him as his own, but she knows not of Edward's response.

Jasper knows much more, though he keeps it to himself. Jasper feels Carlisle's lust permeate the atmosphere whenever he and Edward are in the same room. Just earlier that day, they were gathered in the living room watching TV - Jasper and Carlisle in armchairs, Edward and Jacob together on the loveseat. Carlisle's desire hung heavy and pungent in the air, as if his obvious, furtive glances at Edward weren't evidence enough for Jasper.

Jacob remained oblivious, and for his part, Edward attempted to do the same. His face remained stoic, but his emotions were raging beneath the surface. He desired Carlisle as well - a deep-rooted desire bred over decades - but he was conflicted. He loved Jacob with everything he had, but he'd always seen Carlisle as the one that got away. Edward's wistful desire developed too often when he was in his sire's presence over the past fifty years for Jasper not to notice. But Edward was a loyal man - he could never betray Jacob that way, or Esme for that matter. He would never hurt someone he loved so deeply. But he loved Carlisle just as deeply - perhaps more so than the wolf.

Carlisle's lust grew even more potent, and Edward shifted in his seat, unable to hide the discomfort on his face as he swiftly adjusted the seam on the front of his jeans. Jasper looked on, unnoticed by Carlisle, and ignored by Edward, whose sole focus seemed to be on deflecting Carlisle's attention...and failing.

Carlisle's lips quirked into a smirk and his eyes rolled back as he lost himself in a fantasy, catching his lower lip between his teeth. He leaned back in the armchair and openly palmed himself through his trousers, his breath catching in his throat. Edward gasped too quietly for Jacob to hear and swallowed painfully, his eyes squeezed shut against whatever images were in Carlisle's mind. But his body was responding despite his mind's objections. Edward's own arousal thrummed through him, a dark wet patch forming on his light-blue jeans. The fabric struggled to contain his burgeoning erection. Jasper could not help but become affected himself by their insidious emotions.

Perhaps Jasper focused too much on Edward's lap, because he had drawn his brother's attention. Suddenly, Jasper felt shame wash over him, followed by determination. Jaw set tight, Edward grasped Jacob's wrist and pushed the boy's palm into his lap. Jacob's eyes widened in surprise - he had not expected Edward to be so hard - but he got excited quickly, allowing Edward to lead him to the stairs. Just before they reached the landing, Jasper felt a smugness about Carlisle. Edward whipped around and gaped at Carlisle, a horrified expression on his face, before storming up to his room, his pup right on his heels.

Jasper couldn't resist. He had to know. "What did you say to him?"

Carlisle threw his head back and laughed. He knew that Jasper wouldn't fail to notice today's exchange, and he was smart enough to know that Jasper had been aware of his situation for quite some time.

He bowed his head to hide his smirk. "What I said was..." He couldn't contain the grin that spread across his face as he raised his head to look Jasper in the eye.

"Try not to think of me."