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Carlisle wants what he cannot have, and he will stop at nothing to get it. M/M slash. AU.

Warning: this story contains graphic depictions of male on male sexuality.

2. Want Two

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Want Two

Save for Esme, those without extra abilities remained oblivious to the growing strain between Carlisle and Edward.

Rosalie tended to avoid paying much attention to Edward as a rule, owing to the fact that she was still bitter about the fact that he never desired her. She also still resented Carlisle for having changed her at all. So, as a result of her own self-importance, she was clueless.

Emmett always noticed when sexual patterns changed within the coven. Emmett loved sex - he thought about it constantly, and with his vampiric hearing, he couldn't help but hear it constantly as well. And yes, there were times when he listened actively. He hadn't noticed a decline in Edward and Jacob's sex life, but then, they were eternal teenagers. Esme and Carlisle's sex life on the other hand, had dropped off dramatically, then altogether stopped. Emmett couldn't help but see how depressed Esme became, and how detached Carlisle seemed. Once, he could swear Carlisle was staring too longingly at Edward as he played the piano, but it could have been a reflection of light in his eyes. Emmett vowed to ask Alice if there was an end to this in sight.


There had been speculation within the coven in times past as to Carlisle's motives behind changing a boy as young as Edward. Even Edward couldn't quite understand why Carlisle would choose a petulant teenager as a companion for eternity. The reason Carlisle gave everyone appeased them all. He had acted on the pleas of Edward's mother to save her son - and besides, he was lonely!

But there was more to it. An intention that even Carlisle hadn't recognized. Not for a very long time. But now, he was all too aware.

In all of his 250 years prior to Edward's change, Carlisle never gave any thought to being with another man. The unfamiliar stirrings began when he first laid eyes on Edward's frail, sickly human body. But Carlisle did not recognize what those stirrings truly meant. A deeply religious man in life, he simply never considered homosexual relations in any way. He attributed his sudden affinity for the boy to his long-held desire for a family - a son. When Elizabeth saw through his human facade and asked him to save Edward, Carlisle viewed it as a sort of passing of the reins. He would continue to raise the boy - teach him to be the same kind of good and decent vampire that Carlisle was. As decent as any vampire could possibly be, that is.

And that is what Carlisle did. For decades, he was Edward's father figure - his teacher, his mentor. And Edward looked up to him and acted like his son. As their coven grew with the passage of time, Carlisle made room in his heart for the others, but his softest spot was always for Edward. For the longest time, Carlisle thought it was because Edward was his "firstborn." But, that belief changed rapidly once Edward himself finally awakened to his sexuality - first with Bella, then (upon her death) with Jacob. The flames of jealousy were stoked with the girl, but it had been bearable. Now, watching his ward become lovers with another man, Carlisle felt as though he were bound to a funeral pyre.

Carlisle cursed himself for allowing the opportunity to pass all those years ago. Now, people were going to get hurt. But he couldn't resist anymore.


Edward tried not to think of Carlisle when he brought Jacob to bed. He really tried. But it was futile. Even as the heat of Jacob repeatedly pierced his body, Edward couldn't help but become distracted by Carlisle's fantasy of him.

He tried so hard to keep his focus on Jacob. But flashes of himself, wrapped in Carlisle's pale, strong arms, kept seeping through, clouding his vision. Perhaps if he said his name...

"Oh! Oh god - C - Jacob!"

Edward moaned Jacob's name wantonly, in order to cover his almost-slip. Jacob didn't seem to notice - he kept on with his rhythm, moaning back wordlessly. He remembered himself, in Carlisle's fantasy, being pinned with his back against the desk in the study, papers strewn about carelessly, and his sire, claiming him roughly, but oh so good, as Edward writhed beneath his wandering hands.

And then, Jacob began to mimic fantasy Carlisle's every movement. Edward's resolve crumbled away. No longer could he block him out. Edward let himself be taken over by the Carlisle in his mind. Every touch felt new - searching, learning - even though Jacob knew his body inside and out. Every nerve ending was alive - if his heart still worked, he was sure it would be pounding.

Edward suddenly became aware of Carlisle's scent, just beyond the heavy wooden door of the bedroom. His mind was blank, but he knew the man was there, just out of sight - listening. Edward was agitated by the intrusion. How could Carlisle be so bold? He knew Edward would know what he was doing. But Carlisle didn't care. He wanted Edward, and he was going to make damned sure Edward knew it.

As disturbed as Edward was by this, he couldn't help but become painfully aroused as well. After all, he had been imagining the man while having sex with Jacob. Edward pushed the feelings of disquiet aside, and incorporated Carlisle's scent into the action of both his mind and the bed. At that moment, Jacob hit that most sensitive spot within Edward's body. And then, he was coming - coming so hard, and Jacob followed soon after. Edward imagined that the bursts of lava filling him felt more like an ice storm.

Jacob collapsed onto Edward and they held each other close as they recovered from their mutual bliss. Once his vision began to clear, Edward chewed his lower lip - a habit he learned from Bella all those years ago. Perhaps it was never supposed to be Bella or Jacob. Maybe he was always meant to be with his father - no, his sire. Edward knew Carlisle fought those feelings for too many years - still caught in the grip of his human upbringing, centuries later. Maybe, just maybe, Carlisle was ready to admit his true feelings, and no longer worry about the consequences, both in reality and in the spiritual world. Edward realized then that Carlisle was no longer standing outside, but his scent still lingered heavily just outside the door. He must have pleasured himself as he listened to his intended prey fucking the wolf. Edward's arms tightened around Jacob reflexively.

"Ow!" Edward quickly loosened his grip and whispered an apology. Jacob lifted his face to look at him and found Edward lost in thought, staring blankly at the ceiling, unseeing. Jacob grew concerned. "Baby, are you okay?"

Edward blinked away those haunting thoughts. He didn't want to hurt Jacob. He loved Jacob - so much. He forced himself to smile as he met Jacob's gaze. "I'm fine. I was just thinking about a new piece for the piano I want to start composing." Jacob smiled shyly. Based on tonight? "Of course," Edward murmured as he pulled Jacob in for a kiss.