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My best friend Gone

Edward anthony Cullen is a Junior in high school and is Isabella Marie Swan's best friend. They have never been more than friends. Edward wants to start dating girls and Bella decides to try and date some guys. Edward is drop dead gorgous so he wont have a problem getting the girl. Bella thinks she isn't pretty. What will happen when they start dating people? Will their friendship last? What happens if you throw Bella's friend Jacob into the picture? R&R(All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters or other realistic things I say in this fanfic!

1. Chapter 1

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( Bella's POV)

" Well, Isabella, looks like I'm going to have to wake you up the hard way.", I heard my best friend, Edward's, footsteps leave then come back. Next thing I knew I was soaking in cold water.

" What the Heck Cullen?", I yelled jumping out of bed.

" Well, Swan, you wouldn't wake up! I had to do something, we are supposed to go shopping with our siblings today. Did you forget?", Edward smiled my favorite half smile.

" I wish, are Rosalie and Jasper ready?", Rosalie and Jasper were my older brother and sister. They were twins.

" Do you really have to ask? Rosalie is with alice practically jumping for joy we are going shopping and Jasper is with emmett probably eating everything in sight. Your mom made breakfast.", After Edward left I got dressed and went downstairs. My parents were leaving on a buisness trip later tonight to go double our already loaded bank account. Edward's family and my family were the richest people in this little sunless town of Forks that I called home.

" Isabella! What are you doing waking up this late? What time did you go to bed?", my mother scolded.

" I think around two am. Sorry, I didn't feel like sleeping last night.", I took a muffin then we all walked out the door. Edward had an older brother and a twin sister. Emmett was his brother and Alice was his sister. Emmett was dating Rosalie my sister and Alice was dating Jasper my brother.

" Hey Bells, how did you sleep? What did you dream about?", Alice, the evil little pixie asked.

" I dreamt that we didn't go on this god forsaken shopping trip.", I hated shopping, that could be because as a child my mother would drag me from shop to shop in search of the perfect outfit.

" Oh belly! Quit complaining! It is saturday, have some fun! I know! We could eat at Burger king later, and we can all go play in the playroom like we used to as kids!", Alice laughed.

" Alice, you're the oly one who would fit!", Edward laughed, Alice was short, and when I say short I mean she's four foot eleven.

When we got to the mall, Edward and I split off from the original group and went and sat in the food court.

" Bella, do you ever think about dating a guy?", he asked staring off into space.

" Sure, but I don't know who I'd go out with. I'm practically invisible at school. The only guys I really talk to are you, Emmett and Jasper. Do you ever think about dating girls?", I asked quietly.

" Ya, it would be nice to at least have kissed a girl in highschool. I know most guys my age are doing a lot more than kissing. I mean look at Rose and Emmett. Em is always there when your parents arent home, and Rose is over at my place when my parents arent home.", he was looking at a trashcan as he was talking to me.

" Well, if you would ask a girl out, who would it be?", I asked curiously.

" Don't laugh okay.", He took a deep breath and smiled. " If I would ask a girl out, it would be Tanya Denali. She's seriously hot, and she's popular." I hated Tanya denali. She would usually bully me when Edward wasn't with me. Edward knew I was bullied, but he didn't know it was tanya and her followers, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory, doing it to me.

" Oh, well, you're definetly cute enough. Emmett is popular so you're popular by assosiation. I'm sure you would have no problem getting her.", I faked a smile. It was then I heard a very familiar voice.

" Isabella Swan, at a mall. This is the last place I would expect to find you.", my friend from eighth grade, Jacob Black smiled.

" Jacob! Hey, I though you were living with your mom until you graduated.", I accused. Edward hated Jake, seeing as jake always flirted with me.

" She kicked me out and made me move to my dad's.", he snorted.

" What did you do?", I laughed back.

" My mom caught me making out with a girl in my room. I had no shirt on neither did she. Then a week later I got busted by the cops for underage drinking.", He smiled.

" Same old Jacob Black I see.", I stood up and gave him a hug.

" If you ever want to get in trouble, I'd be happy to make out with you with no shirt on.", He winked and Edward frowned.

" I'll keep that in mind. So are you going to forks high school then?", I asked.

" No, my dad lives on the La Push reservation. I'll be going to school there.", he frowned.

" Bella, Alice just text me. Emmett got in a fight so we're leaving.", Edward said.

" Alright, bye Jake. See you around.", I gave him one more hug and Edward and I headed to the car.