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My best friend Gone

Edward anthony Cullen is a Junior in high school and is Isabella Marie Swan's best friend. They have never been more than friends. Edward wants to start dating girls and Bella decides to try and date some guys. Edward is drop dead gorgous so he wont have a problem getting the girl. Bella thinks she isn't pretty. What will happen when they start dating people? Will their friendship last? What happens if you throw Bella's friend Jacob into the picture? R&R(All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters or other realistic things I say in this fanfic!

2. Chapter 2

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( Bella's POV)

" Bella, are you alright?", my mom asked. I had been acting weird lately. Ever since Jake saw me at the mall, I haven't been able to focus.

" Yeah, sorry. I just have alot on my mind.", I got up and left for school. As soon as I got there Tanya Denali pushed me into my locket. I didn't do anything about it though.

" Watch it nerd!", she yelled.

" Hey Bella! Um, look I know I am going to be late to school but I have to ask you something.", Jacob ran over.

" Jacob! Why aren't you in La push? What is it? You have school in like, ten minutes.", I asked with wide eyes.

" Will you go to a pary with me this friday? On a date I mean.", he blushed. I smiled and nodded.

" Great, I'll pick you up at eight, see ya.", he ran towards his motercycle.

" OMG! Bella, did you just get a date?", Alice was jumping for joy, edward on the other hand was doing the exact opposite.

" Um, Ya, Jake and I are going to a party friday. I know we had plans to go to the movie but-", alice cut me off saying movie- schmovie. All my classes passed in a blur. My last class of the day was choir, and it was the class I was dreading. I had to sing in front of the class today. My teacher said I had an amazing voice and I needed to show it off. I walked in and everybody just stared.

" Ah, Isabella, get ready, you are still singing today.", the teacher smiled. The only person who has ever heard me sing was Edward, and I was the only person to ever hear him play his piano. I could also play the gutair, but not even Edward knew I could play. I sang, Jet Lag by Simple plan. The acoustic version. As soon as I finished everybody erupted into claps, I noticed a few people recording me with their phone. I blushed and saw Edward talking to Tanya in the corner, they were both laughing and smiling.

" Isabella, that was wonderful. You have temendous talent. Do you do anything else.?", He asked.

" Ya, I can play gutair. I don't play in front of people though.", I smiled.

" Well, I would love if you would play for us sometime. If you're half as good with the gutair as you are singing, you'll be amazing.", We sang our concert songs until the bell rang. Edward was still talking to Tanya, they were still laughing. I got home and went to my gutair, I started playing When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne. I didn't pay attention to the footsteps, I just played my gutair and sang the song. All of the sudden my door opened and my dad stepped in.

" Bells, what's wrong?", my dad sat on the bed with me.

" I had to sing in choir today. I only did it because Edward encouraged me to, and he didn't even pay attention. He was to focused on Tanya Denali.", A tear came from my eye. I took my gutair and went outside, I never played outside. I sat in the grass and started playing, Goodbye Lulluby by Avirl Lavigne. It was the firs time I had ever publically played my gutair. I saw Edward's volvo coming down the road. I didn't stop playing. I saw him looking at me with wide eyes but I looked away.