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My best friend Gone

Edward anthony Cullen is a Junior in high school and is Isabella Marie Swan's best friend. They have never been more than friends. Edward wants to start dating girls and Bella decides to try and date some guys. Edward is drop dead gorgous so he wont have a problem getting the girl. Bella thinks she isn't pretty. What will happen when they start dating people? Will their friendship last? What happens if you throw Bella's friend Jacob into the picture? R&R(All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters or other realistic things I say in this fanfic!

3. Chapter 3

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( Edward's POV)

Never in my life, have I known Bella could play the gutiar. We told eachother everything, but she kept this hidden from me. I even told her I liked Tanya... Tanya, I had asked her out and she said yes! Tanya Denali, the hottest most popular girl in school said yes to me! Though, it felt like I was forgetting something. I had to go get ready, I was picking Tanya up at seven and I only had two hours.

( Bella's POV)

I hated being alone. If this were a normal day, Edward would be here and we would be doing our homework together. Our moms would be in the kitchen going over recipes. But instead, I am all alone, and Edward is with Tanya Denali.

" Bella, mom says it's time for dinner.", Rose walked into my room and gestured to the door. I laughed and walked downstairs. Dinner went good until my parents started asking me questions.

" So, I heard you sang in choir. Did they like it?", my mom stuck another peice of chicken into her mouth.

" Ya, and I am going to bring my gutiar tomorrow and do that. I am going to either play, I'll Be or Teenage Dream.", I had to start living life.

" I vote for I'll be. I love that song.", my dad suggested.

" I'll do that song then.", I smiled.

I went to bed early that night.

" Edward, I love you. Please, don't leave me.", I begged.

" Bella, I don't love you! I love Tanya, you are only a friend to me. I am sorry, just forget about me. You're a nerd, a nobody. I am the hottest guy in school.", Edward laughed evily.

" Edward, I need you! We've been best friends since we were little. Please, don't do this.", I had tears flowing from my eyes.

" Goodbye Isabella.", he kissed me on the forehead.

I sat up abruptly. It was only a dream, but I was covered in a layer of sweat.

I got to school and went to the choir room.

" Mr. Samuels? I'd like to play my gutiar for the class. It's my first time in front of everybody at school, so sorry if I mess up.", I couldn't look into his eyes.

" Really? Well, I'll make sure everyone behaves. I'll see you seventh period Isabella.", I said goodbye and made my way to the first class of the day. Unlike yesterday, they all passed slowly, also unlike yesterday, Edward was walking hand in hand with Tanya.

My phone started ringing and I answered it.

" Hello?", I asked, I didn't look at the caller ID.

" Bella! Hey, so you're still up for the party right?", Jacob asked.

" Ya, definetly. I can't wait to see you, by the way, where is this party?", I smiled.

" Tanya Denali's house, why?", He laughed.

" Actually, I think I better stay home. We aren't the best of friends", well looks like I am being left behind.

" NO! I will come over, I will make it a date. Instead of going to the party, we will have a picnic. Candles, moonlight, music very romantic.", he suggested.

" You can go to the party if you want Jake. I won't mind.", I said.

" Thats what you women always say. And when we go you get pissed because you actually were just trying to be nice. At eight o'clock we are having a picnic, I will see you then.", before I could say anything he hung up the phone.

" Hey Bella, what are you doing tonight?", Edward was still holding onto Tanya's hand.

" I was going to go to a party, then I decided I didn't want to go. Jacob is coming over and we are having a romantic picnic as he puts it.", I laughed.

" So you have a date then?", he pushed.

" Obvious isn't it? Why do you care?", I snapped.

" We are friends Bella, I am trying to protect you.", he looked offended.

" Well don't, I'm not in first grade. I can take care of myself.", I walked away.