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My best friend Gone

Edward anthony Cullen is a Junior in high school and is Isabella Marie Swan's best friend. They have never been more than friends. Edward wants to start dating girls and Bella decides to try and date some guys. Edward is drop dead gorgous so he wont have a problem getting the girl. Bella thinks she isn't pretty. What will happen when they start dating people? Will their friendship last? What happens if you throw Bella's friend Jacob into the picture? R&R(All human)

I do not own twilight or any of the characters or other realistic things I say in this fanfic!

4. Chapter 4

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( Bella's POV)

I had two hours before Jake got here for our date. I also was insanely bored. There was a knock on my door. I got up to answer it, and found a note at my door.

' Miss Swan,

will you please leave your house for about an hour?

This has something to do with our date and you will just

have to trust me.


Mr. Jacob Black

( A.K.A Sexy man) '

I laughed at the last part. I figured what could it hurt, so I left. I decided to go see Angela. I never saw her anymore.

( Jacob's POV)

" Thanks Charlie. I just want to make sure this date is perfect.", I smiled at bella's father.

" You're welcome Jake. Why aren't you guys going to that big party?", he questioned.

" She says her and that girl aren't the best of friends. I believe it goes deeper than that. So you and Mrs. Swan are going to port angeles right?", the picnic was in her backyard. I had roses, and I'd moved her piano outside. I had a picnic set up and it was a full moon.

" Yes, but promise me something.", He looked me in the eyes.

" What is is sir?", I asked nervous.

" Do. Not. Sleep. With. My. Daughter.", He demanded.

" Yes sir, of couse sir.", I nodded like a bobblehead. I had left a note on the door for Bella. She had to follow my instructions.

( Edwards POV)

I watched Jacob set up the date. It did look perfect. He put rose petals up the sidewalk and out the back of the house. This was a plus to having no fence, I could see everything. He also moved her piano outside, that was weird. I watched as Bella's car pulled into the driveway.

( Bella's POV)

I saw the driveway was covered in rose petals. I walked up to the front door and foud a note on it.

' Miss Swan, there is a dress on your bed, please go put it on then follow the instructions I left up there.'

I went upstairs to my room and found a white spaghetti strap dress. I put it on then found the next note.

' Very good, now, go to the backyard.'

I smiled, and walked downstairs. I opened the back door and there stood Jake in a black tux holding roses. My piano was outside there was a picnic blanket on the ground, surrounded by a bunch of candles. There was also a full moon.

" Hello Bella, so do you like what I did.", he handed me the roses and kissed me on the cheek.