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Bella Swan never got the chance to tell her boyfriend he was going to be a father. He moved away to alaska and said he didn't love her anymore. What will she go through being a single mom? Will her baby's father ever return? ( All human) Please read and review! I don't know how to put a banner up or I would.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything that was in any of the books.

1. Chapter 1

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( Bella's POV)

" Anthony sweety, please don't touch that.", I scowled at my adorable eight month old son. I was only seventeen but I couldn't help but love being his mom. His full name was Anthony Emmett Jasper Cullen. I couldn't decide between his middle name being Emmett or Jasper so I gave him both. Emmett is my older brother and Jasper is Anthony's father's brother. I didn't even have the chance to tell Edward I was pregnant with his child. He took off to Alaska, saying he didn't love me anymore. Edward had a twin sister Alice and had an older sister, Rosalie, who was Jasper's twin. Anthony had Edward's middle name as his first name and Edward's last name.

" So, Bella, Sue was thinking about coming over tonight and...", my father, Charlie's, voice faded.

" And you want to have some alone time with her? Don't worry, I am going to the mall with Ang. Plus I really don't want to know what you and Sue will be up to while I'm away." I shuddered at the thought. Sue was my dad's girlfriend. Wait, fiance. They had just made it official. Sue has two kids, Leah who is a year older than me and Seth who is twelve. I have an older brother, well that's a lot of kids, not to mention there was already one grandchild. Sue absolutely adored my baby, she considered her his grandmother. Sue's husband had died three years ago and my mom was a bitch and ran off with the town man slut when I was two.

" Thanks Bells. So, is Em going with you?", my dad asked.

" Ya, he wouldn't pass up an opprotunity to show off his nephew", I wasn't joking either. Emmett was one of anthony's favorite people in the world. When Emmett found out I was pregnant he went over to the Cullen house to kill Edward. Then when he got there he figured out he'd moved to alaska. Day by day Emmett got more excited about being an Uncle.

" Why didn't I think of that.", my dad snorted. I gave him a hug then called Emmett so he could drive us. We met up with Angela Weber in the food court. When I found out I was pregnant, Angela was the only person to stick by me other than my family. She was considered Anthony's aunt and she even called herself Aunt Angela.

" Bella! Hey, where's Tony?", she asked then saw my son in Emmett's arms. He handed him over to her.

" Hi, cutie. You are getting very very big!", she kissed him on the cheek then handed him back to emmett. We saw a baby gap store and Emmett said he had to buy stuff for his nephew. I was bored so I started listening to conversations around me when I heard his voice.

" Tanya, why do we have to stay in this wretched store? Why won't your mom let us walk around together? Alone?", it said.

" Edward, my mom doesn't trust us seeing as she walked in on you taking my shirt off. We just moved here, give it some time. Plus my mom needs an oppinion on my sisters clothes.", the Tanya girl explained. So, my baby's father was back in town? Just great.

" Bella, look! I found this adorable bear outfit! Please Anthony needs it , he's my little bear!", Emmett scared me.

" Um, here you get it I need to get out of here.", I gave Em my wallett.

" Belly, what's going on?", Emmett saw Edward then and growled. He payed for the clothes then walked over to face Edward.