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Bella Swan never got the chance to tell her boyfriend he was going to be a father. He moved away to alaska and said he didn't love her anymore. What will she go through being a single mom? Will her baby's father ever return? ( All human) Please read and review! I don't know how to put a banner up or I would.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything that was in any of the books.

11. 11

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( Bella's POV)

I haven't seen Edward in two months. The Cullens visit Anthony twice every week and Carlisle and Esme take him for a whole day each month. Anthony started saying words. His first word was ' Mama' and then ' Em '. Emmett was exstatic when he said that. Anthony can stand a bit on his own, he's not quite ready to walk, but he's getting there. Right now, dad sent us out to get groceries so me, Em, and Anthony are walking down the aisles.

" Alright Tony, who's that?", Emmett asked pointing to me.

" MAMA!", anthony squeeled. I laughed and kissed his cheek. In two months my baby boy would be one.

" Bells! We should get tattoos!", Emmett yelled.

" Why?", I chuckled.

" Cause, it'd be fun! You can get something resembling Anthony, and I'll get something cool!", Emmett said excitedly.

" Sure I guess, let's wait a week though.", I comprimised.

" Fine.", Em pouted. Right then someone ran into our cart. I immediately checked Anthony who had tears in his eyes.

" What the hell man!", Emmett yelled. We both looked up and saw the shocked eyes of Edward Cullen.

" Mama!", Anthony raised his arms up and I pulled him out of the cart.

" Emmy!", He reached for Emmett and Em took him.

" I uh, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going and I ran into you. Is Anthony all right?", Edward looked scared.

" He's fine, just scared a little.", I reassured him.

" Mama!", Anthony giggled cause Em was tickling him. I smiled at him. " No! No Emmy!", he giggled even more. I thought I saw Edward smile out of the corner of my eye.

( Edward's POV)

I never really noticed, Bella has a sorta glow about her when she's with Anthony. She's also beautiful. What was I thinking? I love Tanya, I can't have thoughts about other girls! Well, techniclaly bella's a milf and a woman seeing as she's already had a baby.

" Crap, Emmett, we were supposed to be home twenty minutes ago!", Bella looked scared.

" Uh oh..... Um, maybe if we tell dad Anthony puked on an unsuspecting customer he'll let us go.", Emmett looked worried.

" It's a suprise party for Seth, we aren't there for the suprise. Let's go.. like now.", she grabbed anthony and without a goobye they left. Honestly, you could tell Anthony was my son. He looked more and more like me each time I saw him. Now he's talking and I heard mom mentioning something about getting ready to walk. Well, I mean he does have two smart parents.