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Bella Swan never got the chance to tell her boyfriend he was going to be a father. He moved away to alaska and said he didn't love her anymore. What will she go through being a single mom? Will her baby's father ever return? ( All human) Please read and review! I don't know how to put a banner up or I would.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything that was in any of the books.

4. Chapter 4

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( Bella's POV)


I had just taken three pregnancy tests all three came out positive. The worst part is I was only sixteen. I decided to take the unnecessary risk and sleep with my boyfriend. I walked into my room and saw a note lying on my bed.


I never loved you, I just wanted to sleep with you and I got what I wanted.

I am moving to Alaska so don't text or call anymore. If you even try I will change

my number. If in the future you ever see me again, don't talk to me. By the time you read this

I will be on a plane, I hope you live a full life and an easy one.

Until we see eachother again,

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen

That was the note that tore my heart out. I put the note on my desk and sobbed, Emmett walked in my room.

" Bells! What's going on?", he sounded hysterical.

" Is daddy home Emmie?", I bawled into his shirt.

" No, he is on a buisness trip for three days, what's going on?", He made me look into his eyes.

" Edward said he loved me and I slept with him, and now he left me a note saying he never loved me and just wanted to sleep with me. Now, I just found out I'm pregnant.", The tears wouldn't stop. Emmett growled and Got in his Car.

( Emmett's POV)

Edward Cullen was my best friend, bold print the WAS. He took it to far, he slept with my baby sister and got her pregnant. Not to mention he only said he loved her to sleep with her. I was in the Cullen's driveway and bounding up the stairs. I violently knocked on the door. When Mr. Cullen opened the door I pushed past him.

" Where the hell is Edward?", I growled.

" Alaska, he moved there this morning to be with his girlfriend, Tanya Denali.", Carlisle looked appaled.

" Emmett, what's going on. You're crying, I have never seen you cry. I consider you family, please, just tell me.", He begged.

" When you here from that asshole of a son of yours, tell him ' Emmett says when he gets home, there's going to be hell to pay, and that we are no longer best friends.'", I walked out of the door then. I had to comfort my sister, she was going to be a sixteen year old mother, and I couldn't protect her.