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Bella Swan never got the chance to tell her boyfriend he was going to be a father. He moved away to alaska and said he didn't love her anymore. What will she go through being a single mom? Will her baby's father ever return? ( All human) Please read and review! I don't know how to put a banner up or I would.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything that was in any of the books.

5. Chapter 5

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( Bella's POV)

" Please Bella, Edward told us about his son. We want to meet him, please don't let the way you feel about my son influence your decision.", Edward's mother, Esme, begged. I couldn't say no.

" Alright, one condition though. Edward is not my son's father, biologically yes, but he will never be Anthony's daddy. I do not want Edward to think he can just be excepted into Tony's life, I don't want Edward's hands anywhere near my son. He is not to hold him, you carlisle and the rest of you're family can, but not Edward.", I ordered.

" Alright, when are you bringing him up?", Esme's voice was softer than before.

" I'll be there in an hour or less.", I hung up the phone without even saying goodbye.

Anthony was taking a nap so gently I pulled him out of his crib and layed him on my bed. I dressed him up in the bear outfit emmett got him, I put the little hat that had bear ears on it, on Anthony. Emmett had insisted on coming with me and before I knew it we were pulling into the Cullen's driveway. I knew Emmett really wanted to see Rosalie. I walked around t o the backseat to pull Anthony, still fast asleep, from his carseat. Emmett and I walked up the porch to the front door and knocked. It was Rosalie who opened it and had a full blown smile when she saw Emmett.

" Hey you guys, come on in.", she held the door open but only had eyes for Em.

" Thanks Rose.", Emmett winked, it made me want to barf.

" Bella! I've missed you!", Alice yelled then hugged me.

" Alice, the baby is sleeping and I'm holding him.", I stepped out of the hug.

" Oh, sorry.", We walked in the room and Alice went to get Carlisle and Esme. Little did I know Edward was coming with them. Emmett gove him a death glare.

" Oh, Bella! You're fianally here. Let me see my grandson.", I passed Anthony off to Esme, making sure he didn't wake up.

" Hello, Bella, Emmett. How are you this evening?", Edward asked, eyes on Anthony.

" Why do you care? You didn't care about Bella or Anthony until two days ago when you first found out.", Emmett looked like he wanted to punch him.

" Emmett, quit alright? You've already gotten in trouble once for arguing with him.", I whispered.

Edward's face fumed with anger, " I HAD NO IDEA BELLA WAS EVEN PREGNANT! HOW COULD I CARE? THEN I COME HOME AND SHE'S GOT A BABY AND IT TURNS OUT I'M THE FATHER! I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE TO BLA-" his yelling was cut off from Anthony's crying. Emmett took him and lifted him in the air. Forgetting all about Edward.

" Look, little bear, you're an airplane. You're uncle Emmie's airplane.", he threw him up in the air then caught him. That had Anthony laughing, I couldn't help but smile. Emmett handed Anthony back to Esme.

" What's his full name?", Esme had tears in her eyes.

" Anthony Emmett Jasper Cullen. I couldn't choose between the middle name Jasper and Emmett , so I picked both. Anthony is Edward's middle name, and since he looks like Edward's clone except a whole lot younger, I decided that on his name. I wanted him to have his father's last name, even if he didn't love me anymore.", I shrugged.

" Can I hold him?", Alice asked.

" Ya, go ahead, just make sure you don't drop him.", I felt uneasy when Esme handed him to alice. It wasn't like I didn't trust her, she was just very hyper.

" I won't, come on, lets go watch some Tv.", we all sat down and turned the Tv on. About ten minutes later my cell phone started to ring and I smiled and answered it.

" Jacob Black, to what honor do I owe this phone call to?", We laughed.

" Hey Bells, just wanted to talk. How's the mom life treating you.", He asked.

" Jake, come on. You haven't called me in two weeks. What is going on?", even when I called him he avoided my calls.

" Bella, we were best friends, but my friends on the reservation think you are a bad influence. You slept with a guy when you were sixteen and got pregnant. My dad doesn't want me hanging out with you anymore, I have to go. I'm sorry.", he whispered then hit the end button.

" Great, guess what Emmett, one more friend to cross off my list.", I sighed.

" Who? Let's see, Mike, Jessica, Eric and Tyler converted to Laurens ' Oh, Bella's a teenage mother, she needs to be taught how to keep her hands to herself ' group.", I sighed because that's what they actually called it.

" Jacob Black, apparently his friends and his dad think I am a bad influence and want him to leave me alone.", Emmett hugged me. Esme seemed worried seeing as she didn't know what was going on.

" What is wrong? I don't understand."

" When Bella's friends found out she was pregnant, they avoided her at all costs. Angela i sthe only one who didn't. She's Anthony's godmother. Lauren Mallory made a group that everyday at lunch messed with her. The wrote bad things on her locker, poured soda over her head, and bullied her until she came home and all she did was cry in her room. My dad fianally had enough of it and put Bells in homeschooling. I guess Jacob just joined Lauren's group. Bella goes to a different school now, it's a private school. All girls, though she has no friends there. She didn't want to risk making friends then when they found out she was a mother, dump her like the rest of her friends did.", Em explained. Anthony woke back up and started crying.

" Come here cutie. It's okay, mommy's here. Don't cry, shh.", I bounced him in my lap until his cries became laughs.

" Bella, can I please hold him?" Edward askes, looking me in the eyes. I took a deep breath then held the baby out to him. He seemed shocked at my decision but as soon as he had Anthony in his arms he smiled. Edward held him until it was time to leave, he even walked out to the car with him.

" So, can I come to your place after school to see him? I really do want a part in his life.", Edward asked, his eyes hopefull.

" Sure, just no Tanya lady. I don't want her in his life.", he nodded and Emmett and I drove away to our house.