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Bella Swan never got the chance to tell her boyfriend he was going to be a father. He moved away to alaska and said he didn't love her anymore. What will she go through being a single mom? Will her baby's father ever return? ( All human) Please read and review! I don't know how to put a banner up or I would.

Disclaimer: I dont own anything that was in any of the books.

6. Chapter 6

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( Edward's POV)


" Hi, I'm Bella.", it was our first day of first grade. This Bella girl had waist length auburn hair and chocolate brown eyes. I also noticed she was really pale like me.

" I am Edward. I'm in Miss Rudy's class.", I smiled sheepishly.

" Me too! We should be best friends! Do you want to meet my big bwodder? His name is Emmett, but I call him Emmie.", she took my hand and led me down the hallway to a classroom of second graders.

" Emmie, oh Emmie!", Bella yelled into the classroom.

" Belly, what are you doing here? You're in first grade, c'mon let's get you back to class.", Emmett saw me and his eyebrow went up.

" Emmie, this is Edward! He's my new best friend!", Bella jumped up and down.

" Hi, Edward. Be nice to my sister, or I will have to hurt you. She is my favoritest sister in the world.", he smiled and led us back to our classroom. From that moment on Emmett and I were best friends also.

End of flackback:

I not only ruined one friendship, but two. I got my best friends sister pregnant and his sister was my ex-girlfriend/best friend number 2. I hadn't even told my girlfriend I was a father yet. She was going to hate me. I knew I was a terrible person, and I deserved whatever I got coming to me. Bella had been very hesitant to even let me touch my son. I know she told my mother that I was not to touch Anthony, but it seemed as if she couldn't resist.

" Edward, I need to speak with you privately in my office before you head to school.", my father gave me a stern look. I headed up the stairs and into his office and sat down on the couch.

" What is it dad?", I sighed.

" What are you planning on doing? I am speaking of Tanya.", he waited for my answer.

" I have absolutely no idea. It's her first day of school, I don't want to ruin it.", I made an excuse.

" Very well, I want you to talk to Bella. Figure out a situation where I can see my grandson.", He said.

" Yes sir.", I started to get up but my father stopped me.

" Sit down! I did not say you could leave. You left her a note? You were so irresponsable and slept with her. You were sixteen! What the hell is wrong with you? You told me Bella had taken the breakup well, that she understood you were moving to Alaska to spend time with Tanya. Emmett came by the house the day you left that damn note, did you know that? No, of course you didn't, did you also know that, that was the day she found out she was pregnant? No, because you were a child and left a note! A note doesn't explain anything Edward! If I knew she was pregnant, you would not have gone to Alaska. I want your cell phone, your Ipod, your tv cables and as soon as you get back from school, I want your damn car keys. You're grounded until further notice. Is there anything you would like to say.", my father had never done this to me before. I guess I reached a new low.

" I am going to see my child after school, I am going to talk to Bella about the Tanya thing, and you guys getting to see him. I know for a fact Bella doesn't want Tanya in his life, but I love Tanya. I am Not sacraficing her. I knew if you knew I slept with bella you wouldn't let me go to Alaska, that's why I told you everything went fine. I am sorry.", I handed over my things.

" If Bella says no Tanya, that you have to choose between Tanya and Anthony, you WILL choose your son. Tanya is a girl, she can be gone whenever. But Anthony is your son, he will be around for the rest of your life. You will sacrafice Tanya, because it's the best thing for your son. You are only seventeen, you don't know what's good for you or not. Bella, has given up everything for your son, she has no time to be a teenager anymore. That is how it should be with you. Now go, as soon as you get home, put the car keys on my desk then go to your room.", I nodded then walked out the door, more pissed then I had ever been in my entire life. What if I didn't want responsabilities? What if I wanted to marry Tanya?