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Bleeding Hearts

When Bella jumps of the cliff in New Moon - After Edward left her - How will he react when Rosalie tells him he killed her? (or did he?) What will he do? Where will he go? Who will he turn to? Most imprtantly, what will he turn into? ps. If anybody knows how to put up a banner, please tell me xx Will be split into parts, Edward/Bella POV.

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1. Chapter 1 - She jumped, Beacause of Me!

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Part I

Edward's POV

Nothing had ever hurt me more than leaving her.

Now I had killed her.

I was running to forks.

I had to see for myself.

Is it true? Or was it a mistake?

My super vampire memory meant that I could remember Rosalie’s crude voice as she told me the words that would haunt me for the rest of my existence…


I was curled up in a small ball on the floor in the furthest corner from the door in my tiny room - my favourite place - as there was a knock at my door. Who would come to visit me? Nobody ever came anymore, apart from Alice. Nobody wanted to come into what I called my home; a little room in a suburban area far away from where I once lived.

“Edward? Are you there?” Rosalie’s hatred in her voice wasn’t hidden. She was thinking about rainbows and hunting… What was she hiding? “Edward? Can I come in?”

“Yes…” I moaned quietly. Too quietly for any human’s ears. I didn’t bother too look up as I heard the door open and small, soft footsteps echoed in the almost empty room.

“Has Alice spoken to you lately?”

I shook my head. “Not lately, we’re talking less and less all the time…

“Oh… So you don’t know then?” I’m sure I saw a small smile appear then disappear almost in the same instant. She was still blocking her thoughts from me which was irritating me.

“Know what?” I asked confused.

“She’s dead…” She let me into her thoughts at that moment. I saw an image of Bella jumping off a cliff! I gasped and froze in my permanent position. She was… dead? No! Not Bella! She can’t be! “She jumped of that cliff, she wasn’t forced and she didn’t fall! Do you know why? Cause you left her! It’s your fault she’s dead! Alice had a vision, she told me not to tell you, but I thought you should know.” I jumped to my feet and pounced at her. I pushed her into the wall as we fell into my neighbours house. Lucky she wasn’t in, that wall would have to be fixed before she got home. Rosalie fought back, growling as I did. I felt solid arms wrap around me as I was pulled away from my torturer. I screamed as loud as I could, growling viciously at the person stopping me from killing her. I kicked and screamed, fought back, bit what i think was an arm...

“ Edward! Calm down, son! You don’t want to do this! Your not a monster!” My fathers voice echoed through my body causing me to collapse into his firm hold. I had never tried to kill a member of my own family before… What had I become? When I felt I could move again I crawled back into my corner, sobbing dry tears. I looked up, waiting for the disappointment from my family to show on their faces, but I was wrong. Esme was crouched down in front of me, It’s okay, Edward. We all make mistakes… Emmett was helping Rosalie up from the floor, grinning! Ha! I’ve never seen Rosalie scared before! Or Edward so angry! Ooooops! Your listening aren’t you Edward? I nodded my head at him. As I did my eyes rested on the man crouched next to me; my father. He tried to cover over the look of pain on face, it was then i relized i had bit him... my own father... He was rubbing the lower part of his arm, i was angry, not at them, but at myself. He wasn't angry at me though, no matter what i ever did, he was never angry at me, I wanted him to be angry at me, but i knew he wouldn't.... Edward. If your listening, don’t be afraid or ashamed. I'm fine, it just stings a little. Just tell us what happened. I couldn't face talking to him yet, so my eyes just scanned the room. I noticed Alice wasn't here, where was she? My eyes finaly rested on the person who i was hurting the most.The last person to be seen was Jasper. The only who didn’t have forgiveness in his thoughts, but nor did he have anger. He unlike the rest was huddled against the wall. He was screwing his eyes closed, his hands in fists. I realised then what he was doing. He was trying to control the emotions that were going through his body. Edward! Please! I can’t take it! His thoughts screamed out at me. I knew he meant he couldn’t cope with the pain I was feeling.

“Sorry, Jasper…” Everybody looked in Jasper’s direction as I said this, understanding what I was apologizing for. I quickly got up and at vampire speed I jumped out of the window, not caring if people saw.


I quickly ran into the backstreets and raced to Forks. It only took me a few hours. Once there I went straight to Bella’s house. I smelt two familiar scents. One was Bella, but the other was one I didn’t expect to find here.


I hissed in a low hushed voice so that only someone with super-vampire hearing could hear.


Edward? Is that you? I followed her thoughts to the living room of Bella’s house. There was nobody inside apart from Alice and I.

“Alice, what are you doing here?” I hissed.

“I could ask you the same question!” She argued.

“Rosalie said… Alice, is it true?” I demanded, although I was sure I already knew the truth. She nodded slowly and then looked at the ground.

I stopped breathing.

Stopped moving.

I slowly felt my legs buckle from under me. I fell to the ground as memories of Bella came back to me. I felt Alice sit me up and pull me into her - what felt like warm - arms.

Shhhhhhh! Calm down, please, Edward! It’s going to be okay… Her thoughts trailed off as she tried to look at Bella’s future, trying to see if she maybe might have survived. Her whole future was black. I’m sorry Edward… We sat there for I don’t know how long. Me curled in a ball rocking back and forth with Alice’s arms around me trying to comfort me. I heard Charlie’s thoughts as he mourned. I quickly got up and said at vampire speed that he was coming, me and Alice then took of into the woods.