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Bleeding Hearts

When Bella jumps of the cliff in New Moon - After Edward left her - How will he react when Rosalie tells him he killed her? (or did he?) What will he do? Where will he go? Who will he turn to? Most imprtantly, what will he turn into? ps. If anybody knows how to put up a banner, please tell me xx Will be split into parts, Edward/Bella POV.

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2. Chapter 2 - My Piano and it's Memories!

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“Edward, come home, please!” My sister’s voice echoed to me through the forest. It had been 3 weeks since Bella - My gorgeous Bella - had died. I couldn’t face going home after what happened, when I had attacked Rosalie and bit Carlisle. They had all, even Rosalie come to me in ‘our’ meadow and tried to persuade me to come home. When I wouldn’t they left, knowing there was no point. Alice still came several times a day, just to give me someone to talk to, although the time was mostly spent her talking to me. I sat up in the grass and looked her in the eye.

“I can’t, Alice. I can’t face them all, not after what happened. Presides, I don’t want to go back there, to many memories…” My throat felt funny, Alice was the only one I spoke to, and I hadn’t spoken for a few days, so it felt funny breathing and hearing my voice.

“You know nobody blames you! Our family is falling apart, Edward. Carlisle sits in his office 24/7 waiting at the phone hoping you’ll call. Esme sits staring at the door, waiting for you to come through it. Jasper is in so much pain, he can’t block out our feelings, it hurts him more than anyone. Emmet and Rosalie just sit cuddling all the time, they don’t even argue. As for me… I‘ve lost a best friend, and a brother at the same time! I‘m the only one that he will talk to, I promised not to tell the others about what he says, and I keep that promise. What do you think it‘s like for me when they sits asking what you said over and over again?” She squeezed her eyes closed at the thought of what’s happening. Flashes of everybody were shown to me, the shock of how… Empty they all looked was scary, heart braking…

“Alice, I can’t…”

“Yes you can!” Her voice cut me off as her eyes grew wide. “Please?” I couldn’t take it any longer. I nodded my head and slowly rose. He her face lit up as she bounced to her feet. “Edward! Thank you!”

“Alice, if this doesn’t work, I’m leaving again… If I can’t stay in that house, you aren’t going to stop me from leaving? That’s all I ask…” She nodded a bit too enthusiastically. Then we stared to run. The trees flew past us, as we raced to our house. I hadn’t felt this free for so long. When we finally got to the house, I began to have second thoughts, I thought about running as fast as I could to as far away as possible. Before I could get the chance to run I felt a firm hand grip my arm, Alice.

“I’m sorry, Alice, I thought I could do this, but I can’t…” I tried to turn away but she wouldn’t let me.

“No, Edward, you can do this! Please? For me? For our family? For… Bella?” I stopped breathing when she said her name, I froze to the spot as my dead heart ached for her. Then, before I could change my mind I growled at her and ripped my arm from hers.

“Don’t you dare, use her against me!” As soon as I said the words, I regretted it. She was shocked, her mouth open like a fish. “Alice! I’m s-sorry, I just… I just…” I felt a sudden wave of happiness and hope go through my body, then I felt several sets of hands slowly pulling me away from Alice and leading me into the house. I took hold of the doorframe and turned to look over my shoulder at yet another person I had hurt. Alice was sobbing tearless tears into Jasper’s chest, he was rubbing comforting circles on her back with his hand as he slowly whispered into her ear.

“Alice, look behind you…” She slowly turned - still clutching Jasper - to face me. She gave a soft smile before slowly releasing Jasper and then cautiously taking a few steps forward. I couldn’t take seeing my little sister’s upset, I let go of the doorframe and ran over to where she was standing, pulling her into a friendly hug. I’m sorry, Edward. I didn’t mean to upset you…

“No! It was my fault, Alice. So I’m the one who should be sorry…” I pushed her back slightly so I could look at her face. She was smiling as she thought about all the times we had argued and made up - as usual. Another to add to the collection, she thought as she grinned widely. Everybody surrounded us then, hugging us and welcoming me home.

Later that night we were all sat around the TV - the TV we weren’t actually watching - when I noticed my piano. It was still in the same place I had left it before. I slowly rose to my feet and shuffled slowly over to it. Edward, what are you doing? Oh! Edward, is this as good idea? My father thought as I sat down on the stool and I placed my hands on the keys. My fingers slowly pressed down on the individual keys as my hands glided from one end to the other. I realised I was playing a very, very familiar tune; Bella’s Lullaby. The first time I played this to her, she had just come to my house for the first time. Esme persuaded me to play for her. When I finished playing, Esme came and sat beside me, she moved my hands from the keys and turned me to face her.

“Edward?” Her sweet, motherly voice asked.

“Yes?” My voice croaked as I focused on her concerned face. She leaned forward and put her arms around me. I don’t know how long we sat like that, but I didn’t care. It was a strange feeling, I rarely hugged Esme, and know I never wanted to let go. She eventually pulled away and got up, she out her hand on my shoulder before saying.

“When your ready, come talk to us, okay?” She walked away, leaving me sat at my piano. It wasn’t long before Alice came and sat by me.

“Edward, you look thirsty… Do you want to come hunting with me?” I hadn’t noticed the scorching feeling in my throat until now.

“Sure… But, will it just be you and me? I don't want any fuss, i just don't want there to be a crowd..."I asked as I looked up at her.

“If you want…”

“Okay then… Let’s go…” We both got up and walked together out of the house and into the woods. We stared running until we were far enough away to start our hunt…