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Bleeding Hearts

When Bella jumps of the cliff in New Moon - After Edward left her - How will he react when Rosalie tells him he killed her? (or did he?) What will he do? Where will he go? Who will he turn to? Most imprtantly, what will he turn into? ps. If anybody knows how to put up a banner, please tell me xx Will be split into parts, Edward/Bella POV.

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4. Chapter 4 - Welcome to my world

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The silence was irritating, even knowing what Alice was thinking. Neither of us had said anything since we had left, we are going home now, I had top brake the silence…

“Alice, why didn’t you see this coming? I mean… wouldn’t you have had a vision…?” I asked her softy, she stopped and turned to face me.

“I don’t know, Edward. All I do know is that I haven’t had any visions of Bella for weeks, weeks before the accident… Something’s wrong, I don’t know what but I just got a feeling…” Her voice trailed of as she started walking again.

“Wait, what?! You didn’t have visions before she died?! Why didn’t you tell me?!” I yelled after her.

“Carlisle told me not to…” She whispered, then she was off, running home, as fast as she could. I chased after her, catching up within minutes.

“Why?! Why did he say that?!” I begged.

“He didn’t know what to make of it, he didn’t want to worry you. It was only me and him that knew. We never spoke of it, so nobody else had any idea of what was happening, so don’t go blaming anybody else. I wanted to tell you, so that maybe you could help me figure out what was wrong… But I didn’t want to upset you, and also, Carlisle said it would be best not mention it… for now, anyway…” She gave me an apologetic look then ran faster, I on the other, slowed down. I still couldn’t understand why Carlisle had wanted to keep such a thing from me. It wasn’t long before the house was in sight. I slowly made my way up the porch and waiting by the door, was the person I least wanted to see; Carlisle.

“Edward… I’m glad you’re here…” He paused, trying to think of the right words. “We need to talk… I think you know about what…” He stuttered.

“No!” I roared. “I don’t want to talk!” I growled as I barged past him and into the house. I knew Carlisle was following me as I stormed up the stairs, I marched into Carlisle’s office and stated racking through all of his letters and paperwork. Where is it? Where is it? I thought to myself.

Edward? Please, calm down. Look, I know your angry, but please, calm down, Carlisle’s thoughts called to me. It was then I realized I was growling not just in my mind, but aloud, and very loud too. My whole body was shaking as I continued to throw things across the room.

“Where is it Carlisle?! Where the hell is it?!” I screamed as I carried on terrorising his office.

Where’s what, Edward?

“The letter! Where is it?!” I towered over him.

In assure you, it isn’t here, and you won’t find it! My legs buckled under me, I fell to the floor.

Edward? Are you okay? Please, answer me.

“I need to know what she wrote in it… Please, Carlisle, you know how much this means to me… what did she say?” Carlisle crouched down in front of me and placed a hand in his shoulder.

Edward I… I… can’t… I’m sorry. She wrote for you not to know… and you won’t…

“Please…? Carlisle, I’ll do anything, please, just tell me…”

I’m sorry… I sprang to my feet and ran through the house, braking doors and other furniture on the way. I heard Carlisle follow me again, I also heard a couple of other feet. Before they had the chance to stop me I started running faster than I had ever run before. I tore through the forest, tearing bushes and trees to shreds. I passed several elk and deer, I didn’t stop to sooth the burning at the back of my throat. After was seemed like hours, I reached the place I wanted to be; the airport.

After waiting a while to use the cash machine, I eventually got to buy a ticket. I had been planning to go on holiday soon, but not to Italy. I was going to go and visit an old family member, well, Carlisle’s old family member. I had once, told Bella, that the only way we can die, is if we are killed by another vampire. That’s why I was going there, I couldn’t stand another minute without her.

Walking through the giant door, my breathing stopped and I stiffened slightly, there was a human here. Behind the large reception desk stood a stall woman, blood running through her veins.

“Hi, I’m Susan. How may I help you?” The torture called Susan asked. God! He’s hot! Wonder if I can get his number…

“I’m here to see Aro, where is he?” I smiled slightly at her. OMG! Concentrate Susan…!

“He’s unavailable now… But I could take a message…”

“Just go and tell him that Carlisle Cullen’s son is here.” I smiled a wider grin than before.

“Okay!” She walked away, whilst she was gone I took the courtesy of having a look around. Her desk was mess, there was paper everywhere, food wrappers everything and everything else. It only took her a few minutes before she was back. “He said to send you in straight away.” She looked at me curiously and thought, Wonder what’s so special about him…

“Thank you!” I said simply. I headed through the double doors to the hall, before the next set of double doors was a long corridor. When I finally reached the hall, Aro was sat in this ‘throne’.

“Edward, child, it is so good to see you. What brings you here? Is our good friend Carlisle well? How is your family, or more precise, Bella…?” My breathing stopped when he said her name. Aro stood up and walked to me, he held out his hand. Show me… He thought. I gave him my hand as he closed his eyes and drew in a long, deep breath. After a few moments he opened his eyes and released my hand. “Such a shame… So, because your Bella is… let’s just so… no longer with us, you want to join us?” I nodded my head slowly, Aro’s face became brighter. “ahhhhh, does Carlisle know about this? Have you discussed it with your… family?”

“No, it’s my decision!”

“Very well, you may have your wish, welcome to Volterra!” He moved his hand through the air showing of his ‘palace’. “You need to make a small decision…”


“You’re a… vegetarian, that’s what you call yourself, yes? Are you going to keep that diet… or… change to a… human diet?”

“I want to keep my diet how it is, thank you though.”

And that was it. I was a member of the Volturi.