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Bleeding Hearts

When Bella jumps of the cliff in New Moon - After Edward left her - How will he react when Rosalie tells him he killed her? (or did he?) What will he do? Where will he go? Who will he turn to? Most imprtantly, what will he turn into? ps. If anybody knows how to put up a banner, please tell me xx Will be split into parts, Edward/Bella POV.

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6. Chapter 6 - Edward, i love you...

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Bella’s POV (Baer with me guys, this goes back in time for about seven weeks before Edward’s POV - it will all make sense later In the story!!)

“Edward, I love you…”

I say as I jump from the cliff, hundreds of meters high above the water at La Push.

The cold water stung as I plummeted to the bottom. After only a few moments of adrenaline rushing through my body I felt something sharp smash into my head. The pain’s unbearable. The water around me turns red - blood red and I can’t see. My mind goes black as I slip into unconsciousness…

“Bella! Bella! God, Bella, are you okay?! Wake up! Please, wake up!” The angel’s voice shouted at me. I wanted to say yes, of course, anything for you… But I couldn’t.

I was frozen.

I couldn’t feel my body.

Something hard and cold gripped my hand. “Can you squeeze my hand?”

I tried, but like before; I failed.

I realised I wasn’t in the water any more. I was laid on wet grass, and from the burning smell that there was, there was a bonfire on the go.

My eyes fluttered slightly, and to this the angel’s breathing hitched and quickened. “Bella? Say something! Open your eyes…” I realised that my eyes - on their own accord - had opened and were staring up at tortured topaz eyes. His blonde hair was soaked and was clinging to his head in a messy bundle. He was wearing shorts and t-shirt - not the ones he had been wearing earlier though… Through the open tent door I saw his old cloths hanging on a branch above the fire; drying, just like my t-shirt and shorts. What am I wearing then? He saw the awkward look on my face and realised I had seen my cloths.

He smiled, awkwardly, “don’t worry, you’ve got my spare pair of shorts and t-shirt on.”

“L-Leo…” My voice was hoarse and quiet. But I knew he would hear.

“ Yes… I’m here… Bella, are you okay? Can you move?” He asked, a little more relaxed that I had awoken.

“I can‘t move properly!” I panicked, re-gaining the use of my throat properly.

“Shhhhh, shhhhh, it’s okay, shhhhh. You’re just really cold. You were in the water for a while. I couldn’t find you!” His voice broke at he end. “I’m sorry, Bella. I shouldn’t have left you!” He cried. I then remembered what had happened.

We were camping. That’s why there’s a fire and spare cloths. Leo and I were stood near the edge of the cliff we were staying on; arguing.

“I want to Leo! If you come with me, I’ll be safe!” I begged.

“Bella! You don’t know how dangerous it is! You almost got injured last time, not again, please…!” He tried to persuade me. I shook my head and stepped closer to the edge. His solid grip stopped me from moving again though. I turned, angrily.

“Leo! You, can’t stop me!” I shouted in his face.

“I can, and I will!” I tried to push him away, even though I might as well have been trying to move a building for all the good it did me. “Look, come with me, I won’t get injured then!”

“I’m not an idiot!” He laughed bitterly, his voice then changed to the softer voice I knew well, “and neither are you, now please, just step away from the edge.” Knowing I had no chance of winning the pointless battle - I sighed and gave in, stepping away from the edge and into Leo’s embrace.

“I’m going to go and get some more wood for the fire… Coming?” He asked, I shook my head, he nodded and then ran off. I stood there for a couple of seconds before - knowing Leo wouldn’t make in it in time to stop me - whispering, “Edward, I love you…” and running of the edge of the cliff.

“No, Leo, I didn’t listen, it was my fault, stop blaming yourself.”

“I should have know that you wouldn’t listen…” He said, only to himself.

“Leo, please, just stop blaming yourself and help me up.” I moaned. Seeing my discomfort on laying down, Leo put his arms under me and tried to shift me into a sitting position but stopped at the sound of my cries.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I squeezed my eyes shut. The pain was deadly. I felt me being released immediately and hands running to my face, taking me in his frantic hands.

“Bella?! Are you okay?! I’m sorry!”

“No! I… j-just, I don’t why… I’m f-fine now, but when you tired to m-move me it was so sore… Could… it have something… to do of why I can’t… move properly?” I asked gasping for breath as I opened my eyes.

“You still can’t feel you body…?” He asked wearily. The worry on his face wasn’t hidden well. I tried to shake my head, but I couldn’t, I also couldn’t find my voice. I just laid there, so still I could have been dead.

“Bella? Answer me! Can you feel this?” I saw his hands take hold of my waist as he leaned forward and pulled me into a gentle hug, lifting me off the ground slightly. I screamed and closed my eyes with pain again, and as before, he released me immediately. “Sorry!” He cried whilst wiping away the tears that had started running down my cheeks. “Bella, I need to get you to the hospital!” He looked deep into my eyes, I knew he could see the pain beyond them, but I didn’t care, I was in to much agony.

“Carlisle!” I gasped with pain. Once I said it though, I knew it was impossible.

“Bella… Carlisle isn’t here… remember?” He said as he pulled out his phone and called for a doctor.

Leo finished on the phone, he said there was a rescue team coming to help us off the cliff and take us to hospital. Leo knowing me so well, asked for it to be tried to be kept from Charlie and Renee.

He stayed crouched next to me while we waited. He kept telling me it was all going to be okay and I’d be fine. I didn’t really say much, I was trying to think. I though about how I missed not having to go to the hospital each time I was injured and needed a doctor; Carlisle would always be there to treat me.

After a while Leo said he could sense people coming close. He said he would be back, kissed my cheek and left. He was back within an instant. Because of the sun shining down, Leo needed to get a jacket to stop his skin from shining. He pulled his hood over his face and had gloves on. None of his skin was in the sunlight now.

The rescue team arrived within minutes of Leo’s quick change. They put me on a stretcher and told me to relax and that they were going to carry me to the bottom of the hill where the ambulance was waiting. I fell asleep just as we had started to move because they drugged me for the pain.


The lights stung my eyes. I heard beeping around me and the hush of voices. I groaned and tried to turn, but I couldn’t. My head was strapped down… and so was the rest of my body. Something cold grabbed my hand and held it tight… a voice whispered my name.


“Where am I…” My voice croaked.

“You’re in hospital… How do you feel?”

I opened my eyes fully to see Leo stood over me. “Ummmmm, a little better… I think…” That’s when I remembered. “Leo, why am I strapped down?”

Leo’s face fell as he quickly looked me over.

“It’s… it’s just precaution.”

“Are you sure?” I had to make sure he wasn’t lying. When he smiled and nodded his head, I knew he was telling the truth. I smiled back. I knew something was wrong when his smile was replaced by an awkward and unsure look.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Charlie…” Was all he had to say. Right on cue the door opened and big heavy boots came thumping into the room. “Dad…?”

He rushed across the room instantly and was hovering above me.

“Bella! You’re awake! How are you feeling? DO you need anything?

Do you want me to call Renee? Are you Hungary? Thir-”

“Dad, I’m fine!” I interrupted. Why did he have to be such a worry rat?

“I was only asking! I’ve been so worried…” Before I even had chance to ask… “And don’t worry, I haven’t told Renee everything. She phoned yesterday, you know, just to speak to you but… I told her you had been really bad with the flu and you were at hospital and that you were sleeping. I knew you wouldn’t want her to know…” I smiled at Charlie’s good thinking.

“Thanks dad…”

We all talked for a while. I was glad that Charlie liked Leo. I made things a lot easier. I told them I was tired and wanted to sleep. Leo, knew what I was doing. Charlie, taking the bait said he would go home, get some sleep himself and come back tomorrow. After Charlie left, me and Leo talked for a while. The doctor came in and told me that the next day they were going to take of the head thing because there didn’t seem to be any damage showing up in my x-ray. I was glad. Not long after the doctor left, I remembered that Charlie knew I was here.

“Leo… how does Charlie know I’m here…?”

“I tried to keep it a secret but… well… Jacob kind of found out from Embry, who found out from Sue who found out from someone from her work… So you know… Jacob obviously told Charlie…”

“I’m going to kill him!” I groaned.