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Bleeding Hearts

When Bella jumps of the cliff in New Moon - After Edward left her - How will he react when Rosalie tells him he killed her? (or did he?) What will he do? Where will he go? Who will he turn to? Most imprtantly, what will he turn into? ps. If anybody knows how to put up a banner, please tell me xx Will be split into parts, Edward/Bella POV.

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7. Chapter 7 - Leo

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Bella’s POV

Two weeks passed, the only visitors I had whilst in hospital were Charlie, Leo, Angela and of course; Mike. My mum had tried to come down, but I said no. I was fine. The doctors said I just had a bad case of pulled muscles in my back, whilst meant that I couldn’t feel my body properly for a few days, neither could I move properly. Once I was moving better again, they started me walking around and then eventually I was aloud home. I knew the first thing I wanted to do…


“Look! Alls I told him was that you were In hospital! Would you rather I told him the whole story?! Would you rather I told him you jumped of the cliff?” Jacob yelled. Luckily Billy wasn’t home, otherwise he’s have something to say.

“I didn’t jump! I fell!” I yelled back, frustrated.

“Oh really? Would you like me to go ask Embry and the rest of the pack? Nobody ever goes up there unless they want to jump! You can’t fool me!” he started to shake, but he was in control of his anger now, so I think I’ll be okay…

“Why can’t you just keep you mutt butt to yourself?! You can’t rule my life! What does it matter to you anyway?! It isn’t like you imprinted on me! I’m glad you haven’t, your protective and obsessive enough as it is!” I screamed as loud as I could.

His body started to shake harder, and harder. I knew I had messed up big time. If he didn’t calm down soon, he would phase and probably tear down the house, as well as probably kill me…

“Jake, I’m sorry. Just please, calm down…” I asked in a more softer voice, but it didn’t work. He just started to shake even more violently than before. I reached out to touch his shoulder, but he dodged my hand. “Jake?”

Before I knew what happened I was flung onto a big hairy back and was at least three miles away from the house. When I managed to catch my breath I noticed I was sitting on a giant wolf, it’s fur was a sand type of colour, Seth.

I slowly jumped of his back just as there was a giant tearing noise. Seth rubs his head against my arm then stood straighter so we were eye level. He gave me a big long sloppy dog lick/kiss then ran off into the woods. I knew he would be back in a minute, he had just gone to phase. I just sat and waited. While I waited I listened to all the growling and snapping of teeth coming from Billy’s house.

After only a couple of minutes, Seth came back, grinning sheepishly.

“Hey Bella!” he said as he slumped down on the ground next to me laying down.

“Is he okay?” I asked wearily.

He snorted. “Course! Why wouldn’t he be?”

“Some of the things I said in there… I didn’t mean them! I was just… upset and angry.” I said quietly, then quickly added, “wait, how did you know I was there?” Seth shuffled uncomfortably. “Seth? What been going on, that I haven’t been told?”

“We told Jake he should tell you, but he wouldn’t. Sam was going to tell you, but when Jake said he’d put up a fight, am decided to let it slide… We all tried to persuade him, honest!” he said quickly, trying to defend himself. I raised my eyebrows, urging him to carry on. “There’s another one of them in town…” My heart skipped a beat. Them? As in them, them?

“Them? Do you mean…” I asked, a little hope welling up inside me.

“No, sorry. When I say them, I mean another vampire… I’m sorry it isn’t them… If it was I would have told you…”

“Wait, another vampire? When did you catch his or her scent?” They might have found Leo…

“Ummmmm, about two months after… they left…” I flinched. Seth noticed and pulled me into a warm hug. It wasn’t the fact he mentioned them. It was the fact that they now knew Leo was here. He about two months after they left so…

“He isn’t a threat!” I shouted at him sitting bolt upright. They might try to kill him. ..

“What? How would you know? And how do you know their male?” He asked rapidly.

“He kinda… ummmm… my… friend…” I looked at him biting on my bottom lip; a bad habit of mine.

“Bella!” Seth groaned. “I’m not trying to be mean, but didn’t you learn last time that vampires aren’t good?”

“Neither are giant wolves that can phase and kill you when they get angry!” I said matter-of-factly. I regretted the last bit though. “Sorry, I didn’t meant he stuff about phasing…”

“It’s the truth though…” Seth said quietly.

“I’m still alive, and un-injured…” I said trying to comfort him from my harsh words. “But yeah, anyway, I know him. His names Leo, he hunts animals so don’t worry, I’m safe. He’s been my best friend since they left. He had know Carlisle and him for years and years and years ago, so he never met the rest of the family. He was passing through one day and caught the scent of Carlisle. He followed it but obviously it just led to the house and…” It was when Seth started to wipe away my tears that I noticed I was crying. “I’m sorry…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. We all cry!” I give him a look that said ‘really? You wanna rephrase that?’. “Okay, so all of us that can cry, cry. Anyway, tell me about Leo, he sounds like a nice guy…” He waggled his eyebrows in a stupid sort of way, he was just trying to cheer me up. “Come on!”

I took in a deep breath then smiled. Seth was such an idiot, but he was so accepting, even though he should be enemies with them.

“Well, I was walking along to their house one day when I ran into him. He asked if I knew them, so I told him. I figured he was a vampire when he gave me a hug - trying to comfort me - and he was hard and cold. I told him I knew what he was, he was kind of shocked but… Anyway, we started hanging out. We’re kind of best friends now… besides Jake obviously. But like I said, he isn’t a threat, you don’t need to worry about him. I wanted to tell Jake, but I knew he’s flip. I decided it might be better to tell Sam, but I didn’t know how…”

“Least we know now, we known that he isn’t a threat now.”

“I guess… But anyway, back to the point; how did you know i was there?" I asked confused.

"Er, well, abviously with another vampire on the loose, we were under orders to keep a close eye on you... Jacob somehow thought that you would have something to so with it, it was Jared's turn to watch you. When he heard you and Jake arguing, he called Sam and he brought Embry and Quil just for side flanks. I came to see what all the worry was about and Sam told me to grab you and run so..."

"Oh! Okay, well now i know, ca i go see Jake?"

“Ummmmm, that might not be a good idea just now…”j

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked, panicked now.

“Sam’s having a bit of trouble trying to get his to phase back, he’s just upset, he’ll be fine.”