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Meeting again

Isabella Marie Swan Grayson was changed a week after her boyfriend Edward Anthony Mason Cullen left her alone in the woods. She now has a mother father and brother. It's been seventyfive years since edward left and Bella just ran into some familiar people.

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( Edward's POV)

So, here I am, sitting in the home of another 'vegetarian' coven. Their 'children' are upstairs what sounds like wrestling and fighting.

" So, Carlisle, Esme, is seattle a good place to live?", the man asked.

" Yes, hardly ever any sun. My children are going to school next week.", Esme smiled proudly.

I missed Bella so much. It had been seventy five years ago I left her. She probably moved on. She probably had gotten married then had children and died a peacefull Death. An earsplitting crash sent the woman who lived here into a frenzy of anger.

" Bella! Bronx! Get down here now! What did you break?", the woman yelled. I winced on the name bella.

" It was her mom! I did nothing!", the boy, Bronx said.

" Yeah right! You were asking for it! I told you to stay out of my room!", the girl's voice sounded familiar. I didn't look up though.

" All I did was read one little passage in the stupid journal! It's not like you keep them a secret! You want to wrestle? I bet you two hundred bucks I can beat you.", Bronx grinned.

" You couldn't beat me on my worst day!", She hissed. I had to admit, this was amusing, watching a brother and sister argue.

" Fine, two hundred bucks, if.... You don't use your power! It would be an even match.", he suggested.

" What! How about we just wrestle with no bet? ", she countered.

" Deal, by mom see you in a few!", they started walking.

" Get back here, you haven't met our guests. This is Carlisle and Esme Cullen and their children. Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Edward. Guests, these are our children Isabella and Bronx.", they jestured.

" Can we come with you guys to wrestle?", Emmett jumped excitedly. The two kids nodded. Then I heard Bronx whisper to Emmett.

" My sister will probably leave after the match. She likes to go clubbing, what is it you do sis? Oh, that's right, torture guys by knowing they will never get you! She doesn't date, something 'bout her human life. She would never tell me. All I know is that she was taking a walk in the woods and out of nowhere she was bitten. ", Bronx shrugged.

" Bronx I will rip your damn head off and burn it, don't push me. Today is definetly not the day.", Bella growled.

" Isabella! You are a vampire! You could get any guy you want with your drop dead gorgous looks, but you decide to just torture guys by letting them think they will take you home, then you ditch them. Today is your clubbing night isn't it?", Bronx laughed. With vampire speed Bella punched Bronx. Then the wrestling came, there were growls and snarls, instincual of course. I could barely see them they were moving with such speed.

" Bronx! You ripped the whole bottom half of my shirt off! What is wrong with you!", Bella bucked him up against a tree. Bella turned around and walked human pace into the house with her head down. Her stomach was of course perfect, even though you could see a faint vampire bite on the side.

She came out of the house a minute later wearing a short skirt and tanktop. She was gorgous.

" Bye Bella! Let me guess, you'll be home around two am, not with a guy of course. You aren't a succubus! You do like tricking men though! What is it you have against us menly men?", Bronx asked dramatically.

" You're a man? Please, you were what fifteen when you were turned? I was eighteen, I had my whole life ahead of me with my vampire boyfriend. But then on that night seventy five years ago plus a week, he told me I was a distraction! I wasn't good enough for him. A week later I was a stupid kid, I got drunk, decided to be a bad girl. I wondered into the woods a little too far and next thing I know I'm waking up a bloodsucker. That's why I hate men, because the one I loved left me. You were turned because you were shot in the heart and it was the only way to save you. In my last week of being a human, I got a tattoo, got my belly button peirced and got drunk every single night. I hate that my life was taken from me, because now, I am what I most hate. A vampire, oh a special one too. All I have to do is pick a person and then I can read their mind. I have to go now, I will see you later.", she walked towards her car.

" Isabella! C'mon, I am your baby brother! I wouldn't have brought anything up if I knew! How about we come with you? I need some new tactics for getting girls. Do you guys want to go?", Everyone nodded and we all got in cars.

The club was called Club Kryptonite. As soon as Bella walked in all the guys stared at her, I hated having to read their thoughts. They were disgusting. We stayed there for about an hour until Bella looked at Bronx.

" You want some new tactics? Watch this.", she walked up to a guy and smiled.

" Hi, I'm Evan. Who are you gorgous?", the guy flirted. It was disgusting.

" Isabella, look it's really crowded in here. Why don't we take this conversation somewhere more... private.", she had her hand on his chest and his breathing picked up. He nodded and then walked outside with her. Before she got in the car she stopped.

" Oh, Evan, I am terriably sorry, but you see if I did anything I might regret I couldn't live with myself. I think you should let me leave, you're not pretty enough to be with me.", her smile faded and she turned around and walked back to us. It was one thirty am and we were outside. The breeze shifted and Bella stiffend. Before I knew it she took off.

" Oh no, Emmett Go that way. See if you can find Bella. This is just great, every year on this day she relapses.", Bronx hissed.

We found Bella in an alley crying.

" Bella, oh god, look at me Bells.", Bronx pulled her chin up.

" Mom and Dad are on their way. I knew I should have taken you hunting instead of to a stupid club." On the ground next to bella was a drained lifeless body.

" I-I am so sorry! I can't believe I did that! They had a family! People who loved them! I killed him. Why does this have to always happen to me?" Bella cried. That's when I saw her face for the first time. She was my isabella, the one I had left seventy five years ago in the woods.