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Meeting again

Isabella Marie Swan Grayson was changed a week after her boyfriend Edward Anthony Mason Cullen left her alone in the woods. She now has a mother father and brother. It's been seventyfive years since edward left and Bella just ran into some familiar people.

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2. 2

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( Edward's POV)

When Bronx brought Bella back to the grayson's house, their parents knew what happened immidiately.

" Oh no, sweetie, it'll be okay.", their mother hugged her tightly.

" I'm so sorry mommy! I didn't mean too, I- I wan't thinking clearly.", she sobbed.

The man who's name was Randall, kissed Bella's forehead. Carlisle was the next one to speak up.

" Could someone please explain what happened?", he begged.

" Every year on this day, Bella..... loses control.", The woman, Amy, said smoothing down Bella's hair.

" He- he just, he was bleeding, I couldn't stop myself. I- I hate myself. I want to die, I want to go to the volturi and tell them to kill me. I am a horrible person. That person probably had a family, people who loved him." Bella sobbed.

" Isabella! Look at me! Do not ever say you want to die! I don't care if you should, which is not the case, you will not ever say that or do that. Do you hear me?", Her father yelled.

" Yes sir, I'm sorry.", she mumbled.

" This is all my fault. I let her go out, I could've kept her home.", bronx whispered.

" Shut the hell up bronx. You couldn't have stopped me. It happens every year, even if I'm home. So don't blame yourself.", Bella whispered.