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Vampires and weddings

Vampire Bella Swan was dumped by her Vampire Ex when she was human. it's 3 years later and Bella gets an invite to Edward and Tanya's wedding. How will she deal? What if when edward left bella, he was leaving behind another person? All of this will be in this story. Read and Review. How do I look at reviews?

I don't own twilight!

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( Bella's POV)

' You are invited to the wedding of

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen and Tanya Bridget Denali

The event will take place on December 14, 2012 in Denali, Alaska

518 rainers road.

Hope you attend'

This was the wedding invitation I just received. It wasn't bad enough he left me, but he also left behind his son. Yep, nine months after Edward left our beautiful son was born. Aro had heard of this happening and told me not to worry, he was immortal. I was then changed by Aro himself. I got a handle on my thirst and left with my son. I only hunted animals. My son, Mason Anthony Cullen, ate human food.

" So, Bella, are you going to the wedding?", Jacob asked. Jake's a werewolf. He had no problem with me, and didn't see me as harmful. He also fianally excepted that I would never love him the way he loved me.

" I guess, I am bringing Mason though.", I countered.

" Are you sure that's the best idea? He looks almost identical to edward, except for his eyes.", Mason's eyes were a shocking green. His hair was the same untaimed bronze and his skin was pale. He also had that cocky smile, the half smile I adored on edward. Mason was two years old, and like any two year old boy, he was a momma's boy. I tried to contact Edward when I found out I was pregnant, but he never answered or replied back. I never spoke or saw alice again.

" I am still going, with my son. You can't come because you are a werewolf. Good thing I don't have to travel far, I already live in alaska. I am going to RSVP, be right back.", I got my cell and dialed the number that was on the invite.

" Hello?", a high pitched perky voice answered on the first ring.

" I am going to come to the wedding.", I replied.

" Who is this? Just so I can write the name down.", the voice was still perky.

" Isabella Swan, I am bringing someone. Don't worry, he's not anything really supernatural.", I laughed because Mason was supernatural. He had a vampire father and was immortal.

" Bella! It's Alice! I haven't talked to you in six years! So you got the invitation?", Alice sounded worried.

" Hey alice, yes I got the invitation but-", All the sudden I heard glass break in my living room.

" Jacob! Did you let him play with that? It's glass you idiot he could have gotten cut!", Mason had dropped a glass snow globe and the glass was everywhere.

" Sorry Bells! Jeeze, I'll clean it up, go talk on the phone I will keep him away from it.", Jacob pushed mason ito his room to make sure he didn't touch any glass.

" Sorry alice, problem at home. So how is alaska?", I was back on the phone.

" It's great, Bella who are you bringing to the wedding? It isn't Jacob Black is it?", She was panicking

" NO! He is a werewolf, I am not going to bring him to a vampire wedding.", I yelled.

" Ok good, Edward really hates him. So I have to go. See next week for the wedding.", we said goodbye and I went to help Jake clean up the mess.