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Vampires and weddings

Vampire Bella Swan was dumped by her Vampire Ex when she was human. it's 3 years later and Bella gets an invite to Edward and Tanya's wedding. How will she deal? What if when edward left bella, he was leaving behind another person? All of this will be in this story. Read and Review. How do I look at reviews?

I don't own twilight!

2. 2

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( Bella's POV)

I put on my black dress that was short and dressed Mason in his cute little tux. He had to bring his stuffed bear he named Mr. Cuddles.

" Momma, Mr. Cuddles come?", He used his pouty eyes I couldn't resist. I just nodded and smiled.

" Ok Jake. I am leaving, do not eat everything in my house, Mason still needs to eat. I don't know when we'll be back.", I gave him a hug then Mason and I were on our way to the wedding.

It was very pretty, and that was just in the driveway. Mason had fallen asleep in the car so I got Mr. Cuddles and Mason and headed to the door. I knocked three times and all of the sudden a vampire opened the door.

" Bella?", Rosalie whispered.

" Yep, can I come in or Do I have to wait out here?", I said not very nicely. It's a good thing my son was sleeping.

" Um, come on in.", she opened the door wider and I walked in.

" Mr. Cuddles.", mason whispered in his sleep. I giggled. He was cursed with the unfortunet talking in the sleep like I used to do.

" Who is he?", Rose asked.

" Mason.", I simply answered. Alice came bounding down the steps and gave we a really tight hug.

" Alice, careful, I sorta am holding a baby.", I manuvered out of the hug. Mason made a cute little sound and I laughed. Alice and Rosalie's eyes were trained on him. They couldn't see his face as it was hidden in my hair. Thank god, I would have alot of explaining to do.

" Rose, Ali, what's going on? You are supposed to be upstairs helping Tanya.", Emmett stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me. A huge grin lit up his face.

" Bella! You are a vampire? How? When?", Emmett hugged me softley for once.

" Ya I am, I was bitten. Isn't that obvious? About a year and a half ago.", I smiled. Rosalie was still trying to figure out who mason was.

" Rose, Alice, get upatairs. Emmett and Person behind emmett, please come sit down. It's about to start.", Jasper said, he couldn't see me because of how big Emmett was.

" Hey Jasper.", I followed him outside and sat down. When I did Edward saw me and his golden eyes widened. That's when Mason woke up.

" Momma? Where Mider Cuddles?", He asked drowsily. I laughed and handed him his bear. That's when the music started, and everyone stood up. When Tanya got to the alter We all sat down. Carlisle was Edward's Best man, Alice and rose were Tanya's bridesmaids.

When they both said I do and kissed eveyone made their way to the reception area. Emmett and Jasper were suddenly next to me.

" Well, hello. Beautiful wedding.", Isaid.

" Bella, I am so sorry about your eightteenth birthday.", Jasper hugged me.

" Don't bring it up, after it I had to grow up fast. I got over everything, I don't like thinking back to that time. The only human memories I kept were important ones. I barely remember it.", I smiled.

" Can you tell us a few memmories?", Alice skipped next to me.

" They day mason was born, Me and Jake messing around in lapush before Mason was born, and My first day at Forks. The sound of my father coming home, my tiny little room, the sound of the rain on the roof.", I smiled but then it quickly faded.

" Me walk!", Mason reached down. I put his down and grabbed his hand. Thats when Emmett really saw Mason.

" Bella, he looks just like-", I covered emmetts mouth with my hand.

" I know who he looks like, I live with him everyday.", I growled.

" Um, who is this?", Tanya walked over.

" Isabella, I know the Cullens.", I shook her hand.

" No, you're Bella!", Alice laughed.

" No Alice, I am Isabella. I started going by Isabella after you left.", I explained.

" Why? I thought you hated being called Isabella.", she countered.

" I needed a change. I also had to grow up fast, like I said. I am going to leave now, Ali call me sometime and I'll explain more. I promised Jake I'd be home by midnight. I have a half an hour drive. I also like to have Mason in bed by eleven. It's ten.", I laughed picking my baby up.

" Mason, do you have Mr. Cuddles?", I asked.

" Yes. We leave?", he tilted his head.

" Do you want to?", he looked sad to be leaving.

" No, me stays.",he smiled and pushed a peice of hair out of my face.

" Bella?", here, comes Edward. Great.