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Vampires and weddings

Vampire Bella Swan was dumped by her Vampire Ex when she was human. it's 3 years later and Bella gets an invite to Edward and Tanya's wedding. How will she deal? What if when edward left bella, he was leaving behind another person? All of this will be in this story. Read and Review. How do I look at reviews?

I don't own twilight!

3. 3

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( Bella's POV)

" When.. No, I left so you're life wouldn't be in danger. You can't be..", Edward took a deep breath.

" Is that all? Ya I am a vampire, I have been for a year and a half.", I glared at him.

" Isabella, who is Mason?", Jasper asked.

" Why are you calling her Isabella? She is Bella.", Edward winced as he said my name.

" Isabella, is what I go by now, unless it's Jake or my father. Mason is my son, yes he is my biological son. No Jacob is not his father." I stated. My phone started ringing, it was my father.

" Hey dad.", I answered.

" Bells! Where are you?", he sounded nervous.

" I am at a wedding why?", I was getting scared.

" Bella, I heard some thing, I need to know the truth."

" Ok, what is it dad?"

" Isabella, are you a... a.. vampire?", my phone cracked to peices. I stared at the broken phone in my hand and sank to my knees. I started dry sobbing.

" Momma, no cry momma. It otay. I is a big boy, I makes you feel betwer.", he touched my cheek. He held out Mr. Cuddles to me and I grabbed mason in and just held him.

" Isabella, what's wrong?", Alice asked.

" My.. my father. Someone told my father what I am. I swear to god as soon as I find out who told him I am going to torture the hell out of them. Make them feel what pain really is.", I growled.

" No momma! No hurt people! You be good, I take care of you cause Jakey has to take care of other puppies.", mason smiled.

" Come here big boy, you must be tired. Let's go home, I will let you watch scooby doo for a little bit.",I picked him up and held him close. I was at the car and when I turned around after putting mason in his carseat, Edward was right behind me.

" Who changed you?", he demanded.

" Aro"

" Who do you live with?"

" Mason."

" Who is Mason's father?"

" Look at him Edward. You are his father, why would I cheat on you? I loved you, but apperently all I was, was a distraction. I wasn't good enough for you. I have to go. I am a mom, I have responsabilities now and they don't include asnwering your questions.", I pushed past him and got in my car and sped towards my home.