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Vampires and weddings

Vampire Bella Swan was dumped by her Vampire Ex when she was human. it's 3 years later and Bella gets an invite to Edward and Tanya's wedding. How will she deal? What if when edward left bella, he was leaving behind another person? All of this will be in this story. Read and Review. How do I look at reviews?

I don't own twilight!

4. 4

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( Bella's POV)

" Momma, why can't Jakey talk when he's a doggy lide stooby doo?", Mason asked while watching scooby doo.

" Jake isn't special enough. But don't tell him I told you that, it's out little secret.", I smiled.

" Oh, momma, can we go to the park? Pwease momma!", He gave me his pouty lip, I couldn't resist. It's been a month since the wedding and thank god no Cullen had shown up on my doorstep. I put Mason's coat on and grabbed his bear. I also brought some of his other toys. He had two favorites, they were: Mr. Cuddles the bear and his toy piano. Just as I opened the door so Mason and I could go to the car, there stood Edward Cullen.

" Great, Just great. Get in the car Edward, I'm taking my son to the park, I'm driving.", I said getting into the driver's side while he got into the passenger's after I buckled Mason into his car seat.

" Momma, Jakey said that, stooby doo wasn't real. He lied right?", Mason spoke up to fill the awkword silence. Great, what was I supposed to tell my son.

" Sweety, there are no talking puppies, but mommy and Jake are friends, we are just like Fred and Scooby. Do you want to hear funny stories about Jakey?", I asked, and looked at him through the mirror.

" Ya.", he said. I could tell Edward was listening.

" When I found out I was going to have you, Jake said he couldn't wait, he hoped you were a boy because he wanted to play sports with you. When Jake and I were thirteen years old, we were on the beach and Jake saw a bird, he chased after it and it pecked him on his head, that's why he has that scar.", I laughed at the memory.

" Mommy, what did Jake do when I was in your tummy?", he asked. Edward listened even closer.

" Well, he helped me tell grandpa you were going to be born. Jacob came to the doctor with me alot, when I found out you were going to be a little boy, Jacob ran around the room screaming ' it's a boy'. He was in the room when you were born, that is why he is your godfather.", I told him. The park was an hour away so I had to keep him entertained.

" Mommy, why does Claire have a daddy and I don't?", he had tears in his eyes. It made me want to cry.

" Your daddy left before I knew you were in my tummy. When I found out you would live forever, I was changed into a vampire. Your daddy is a vampire. Hey, buddy don't cry alright, one day, you will understand, I promise.", I told him. Edward's expression looked pained.

" Mommy, why does Quil always play with Claire?", he asked.

" Well, Uncle J and his friends are werewolves. They do this really special thing called imprinting. Quil is imprinted on Claire.", I told him.

" Did uncle J imprint?", He asked and I smiled.

" Ya he did, her name is Vanessa. Remember her? You were really little when you first met her.", I told him.

" So Jacob, is a best friend and a brother to you?", Edward asked this time.

" Ya, he was always there for me. When I was pregnant, when I had Mason, when I became a vampire and he is still there for me today. He's become the father Mason never had. Anything a father would do with his son, Jake does with Mason.", I hoped Edward felt bad. Fianally we got to the park. I put mason on the jungle gym and sat on the bench with Edward.

" So, Mason Anthony Cullen?", Edward asked about his name.

" He looks exactly like you. I thought he should have part of your name. Too late to change it now.", I said, my eyes trained on Mason.

" I'm happy he has a part of me. I wish I could tell him I'm his father.", Edward was watching Mason too. Out of nowhere a football went flying towards Mason. I ran at human speed towards mason and grabbed him before the football hit him. I handed the football over to the man.

" Watch where you're throwing that next time.", I growled.

" Bella? Bella Swan?", the guy asked.

" Um, yeah, who are you?", I asked trying to remember him.

" It's Dean, Dean Renolds, from Pheonix. We used to be neighbors. You had your first kiss with me.", now I remembered him.

" Oh, yeah. Sorry, I um, I don't really remember Pheonix all that well. I moved here and started my life over.", I gave him a look telling him not to say anything about my past.

" So, you are married with a kid?", he saw the ring on edward's finger.

" No, I have a son, but I am not married.", I said.

" But, he has a wedding ring and your son looks like his clone.", he looked at me weirdly.

" He's married, to some girl named Tanya. I live alone with no husband, no boyfriend, no fiance, just me and my son.", I growled.

" Wow, so Bells, have you gone to any good parties lately? You were quite the partier back in high school at Pheonix.", great, now my ex new I partied.

" WHAT!", Edward yelled.

" It's nothing, it was before I moved to Forks.", I told him.

" Dean, what did she do at these parties?", Edward growled.

" Oh the usual, smoked and drank alot of booze.", he laughed.

" Really Bella? Why didn't you ever tell me this?", Edward looked pissed.

" It was and never will be any of your damn business. Look, Dean, it was great to see you, but I have to go. Edward, get in the damn car or I am leaving you here to walk home.", I pulled Mason from the playground and put him in his carseat.