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Vampires and weddings

Vampire Bella Swan was dumped by her Vampire Ex when she was human. it's 3 years later and Bella gets an invite to Edward and Tanya's wedding. How will she deal? What if when edward left bella, he was leaving behind another person? All of this will be in this story. Read and Review. How do I look at reviews?

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( Bella's POV)

Stupid Dean! He had to tell Edward about Pheonix. I'm not that Bella anymore! Why is it anyone's buisness who I was? They have no reason to want to know. I'm not with either of them. I'm only with my son. I hate how Edward thinks he deserves to know everything, he doesn't deserve to know anything about me, or my life.

" Bella, I'm sorry for getting into your personal life. I won't do it again, as long as you let me be around.", Edward apologized.

" Fine, and I'm not sure if I want Mason to know you're his father either. Maybe, when he's old enough to understand. Then he can know.", I sighed.

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