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Before Edward Became a Vampire

This is my first Fanfiction I have ever written and so this one isnt as good. It is completed. I have more stories that I do think are better than this one so please no rude comments. Love, Jade xoxo


16. Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Izzy's POV

I walked into the room to see a worried and sad face on Edward. i was instantly scared that there was something bad he needed to tell me. "edward?" i said, and he looked up at me. "is there something you need to tell me?" and instantly i regretted asking it because i already knew the answer. he just looked at me with sad eyes and i knew he did. "edward tell me what it is, i can handle it." or at least i will try.

"well Izzy, the thing is, that when i woke up dr. Cullen told me that it would be best to say my goodbyes while 'I' still can. You know what i mean?" he said and asked me. i nodded my head so he knew i did understand. then something hit me like a ton of bricks. does this mean i will never get to see him again? this cant be happening. but he just looked at me again with those sad eyes telling me i was right and i felt a tear fall down my face. i cant believe this is happening to me. i will never get to have his kisses ever again. i will never get held in his arms again, i will never feel as safe as i did in his arms. but now, i have to say goodbye to him.

"So What? this is your goodbye?" i asked starting to get mad.

"well its actually only part of it. the first part is oral and the second is,...." "on a note. but you cant read it till after o 'pass'" "do you get it?" he asked me. i only nodded.

"well what if i don't want a goodbye?" "what if i want to stay with you till the very end?" "till your heart stops beating?" "huh?!" i asked slashed yelled at him.

"you cant though thats the thing you 'cant'" he told me which kind of confused me but i just left out of the room in tears make sure to not make any noise so he couldn't tell i was crying.

Edward, I will Miss you more than you will ever know. and i love you too even though i am mad right now i will ALWAYS love you. till my heart stops beating.


Edward's POV

i watched as she walked out of the room. i hated hurting her but i couldn't tell her the truth. i took the note from beneath my pillow and put it on the table beside me so if Izzy ever did come back she could read it and knew i still cared though i still don't think that she loves me anymore. my heart sped up and all i thought was here we go again. and then faint whispers saying, "i am sorry you cannot be in the room" and then everything went black.


Izzy's POV

i instantly regretted my decision to be mad at Edward, my edward. i started to turn around to walk back, when i heard a machine start to wildly start beeping and instantly i though, EDWARD! i started running to his room to already see Dr. Cullen in the room. he noticed i was in the room before i said anything but he probably heard my heavy breathing. he turned to me and said "i am sorry you cant be in the room" he told me as i was being pushed out of the room. i hope he is ok. Edward i love you please don't forget that.


Carlisle's POV

i was doing some paper work when i heard a machine start beeping but i already knew it was Edwards. i was at the machine in a matter of seconds clearing everyone out of the room so i could get this procedure done with and bring edward to a room where no one will hear his screams (no creepo here). Izzy walked in and i could tell by her scent also by the fact that she was like panting. i said to her, "i am sorry you cannot be in the room" and pused her out of the room. i felt rude but it had to be done. thank god edward was ready for this, thank god i am ready for this.

It is time!